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3 Ways to Increase Your Company's Profitability


3 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Profitability

3 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Profitability

There are two approaches to increasing profitability:  Sell More or Spend Less.  As an office furniture company, we’re not in business to tell you how to increase your sales, but we do a pretty good job of helping companies spend less.  So, here are ideas to increase your company’s profitability by spending less.

1)  Put Your Computers in Sleep Mode

The website states that you can save up to $50 per computer each year by putting the computers in sleep mode when they’re not in use.  Follow this link to to access technical assistance for activating the proper sleep setting on individual computers or across your entire computer network. They even offer a worksheet to calculate your savings potential.

2)  Switch to an E-Invoice System

You’ll eliminate the costs associated with printing and mailing invoices when you switch to an electronic invoicing system.  This can be as simple as saving your invoices as PDF files and sending them to your clients via email.  Talk with your bank about getting setup for ACH payments that allow your customers to make electronic payments directly to your account. And, talk with your vendors to see if they will let you make payments via ACH transfers.  This will save you more money by cutting down on the number of checks you have to print and mail each month.

3) Install Programmable Motion Sensor Lights

You can reduce your power usage by installing programmable motion sensor lights throughout your office.  These are especially useful in kitchens, conference rooms, hallways, and restrooms where employees don’t always think about turning off lights when they leave the room.  Programmable lights allow you to set specific times for the lights to turn off and back on.

From high quality, low cost new and remanufactured office cubicle systems to our popular office furniture rental program, ROSI Office Systems has helped growing companies throughout Texas spend less for over 20 years.


Office Furniture Budget Calculator

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Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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