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Active Office: Simple Ways to Burn Calories All Day


Active Office: Simple Ways to Burn Calories All Day

Active Office: Simple Ways to Burn Calories All Day

It’s easier than you think to get your workout in during your 9-5. It’s the ultimate exercise in multitasking! Here are some ways for your active office to burn some major calories throughout the day.

Go Marching

Next time you’re on a marathon conference call, try standing during some or all of it. You can burn 100 calories in just 40 minutes of standing. For a larger impact, march in place or pace. You’ll burn upwards of 225 calories/hour!

On The Ball

Replace your regular desk chair with a large inflatable stability ball for parts of the day. Sitting on the ball engages your core and makes your work harder to maintain good posture. It’s a great way to work your abs and burn calories just by sitting!

Mini Lunch Workout

Keep a few basic pieces of exercise equipment in your office or desk drawer and plan to do a mini workout during a break. Dumbbells and resistance bands are great choices, but there are plenty of workouts you can do right at your desk with just your own body weight.

Walk And Work

If you have the opportunity to try a treadmill desk, it can be beneficial physically and mentally.

Mayo Clinic researchers estimate that overweight office workers who replace sitting computer time with walking computer time by two to three hours a day could lose 44 to 66 pounds in a year.

Walking for periods of time throughout the day also increases your ability to focus.

Take The Stairs

This trick is tried and true. Stair stepping can burn over 100 calories in just 15 minutes. Whether it’s skipping the elevator before and after work, or taking breaks during the day, make an effort to climb the stairs!

Incorporating these simple activities during your day can help you stay fit and counter-act the corporate sitting culture. You’ll be surprised at how much these calorie burning tips will really add up!


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