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Why You Should Have A Fun Office Culture!


Why You Should Have A Fun Office Culture!

Why You Should Have A Fun Office Culture!

Does anyone really need a reason to have fun? Well, maybe at work. But, a fun office culture actually plays a huge role in everything from productivity to sales.

There’s a lot of science around productivity at work. We talk about things like how to beat procrastination and how taking breaks can actually keep you focused. It turns out that something as simple as having a little fun can also have a multitude of benefits at the office.

Fun Leads To Creativity

Social play for development and learning starts when we are children. In fact, we learn best when we are having fun, even in adulthood. One way to foster creativity through fun is to plan challenges or problem solving exercises throughout the week or month. Encourage collaboration through team work, and watch the innovation happen naturally. People more easily communicate with those they consider friends, not just colleagues.

Fun Attracts Others

Many companies are choosing to put their brand out there in the form of social media. Promoting your fun company culture is a great way to keep your own momentum going, but it can also attract talented employees and new business. If you have a company flag football team or trivia night, take some photos and share your positive energy!

Fun Increases Productivity

Having a fun office culture doesn’t negatively impact the company’s bottom line at all. It’s actually quite the opposite. Studies show that happy people are 12% more productive than their counterparts. These employees are more engaged in the company and are more likely to motivate others. As far as the bottom line goes, happy salespeople produce 37% more sales.

If you feel like you could use a little injection of fun around your office, try planning a social event. You’ll be surprised at how connecting with your colleagues during a fun game of bowling or trivia will impact your office culture – and the bottom line.

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