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Struggling With Procrastination? Here's How To Tackle It.


Struggling With Procrastination? Here’s How To Tackle It.

Struggling With Procrastination? Here’s How To Tackle It.

We all struggle sometimes with procrastination, but it can be a huge roadblock to getting things done at work. If you find yourself leaving certain tasks until the last minute, take a look at these helpful tips.

You’re Not Alone

First, it’s important to recognize that our brains are programmed to procrastinate. Yes, it’s true! You’re not abnormal or lacking focus if you deal with this issue. The brain prefers concrete tasks over the abstract. So conquering that pile of voicemails for the promise of some future benefit (a paycheck, maybe) isn’t exactly high on the to do list. Short term tasks with immediate results tend to take precedence.

Figure Out Why

Take a minute to think about why you’re procrastinating. Is it as simple as needing a break or a snack? Or maybe it’s more complex, like you really hate this part of your job. If you can pinpoint the reason you put off certain tasks, you may be able to solve the problem more clearly.

Pair Down Large Projects

Sometimes the sheer size of a project can cause it to loom over your head. To get started, break up a large task into more manageable pieces. Create a calendar to keep you on schedule to accomplish each piece in a timely manner.


Don’t Try To Be Perfect

Don’t get so overwhelmed by perfecting the details that you stare at a blank screen for hours. Just begin, somewhere. Editing happens later. Don’t squash your brainstorming session by thinking too logically. Let ideas flow freely, you never know when inspiration will strike.

Reward Small Steps

A reward after each email sent during the workday is probably a little overboard. But for those large projects with multiple parts, promise yourself a fancy coffee or a walk outside when you’ve completed the next step. Bribery works on children, and it also works on adults!

Next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs at your desk, review these helpful tips and get moving on your next project. Trick your brain with small rewards, and you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing your to-do list.


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