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Lounges At Work Are The New Office Trend


Lounges At Work Are The New Office Trend

Lounges At Work Are The New Office Trend

More and more, companies are recognizing the need to provide some space at the office to “blow off steam.” The newest office trend is the swanky lounge/kitchen. These areas often include games or activities, comfortable furniture, and of course – snacks!

Why The Lounge Is Trending

Recent research is clear – you need to take breaks at work for your mental and physical health. Experts have studied everything from the dangers of sitting too long to the brain fog that comes from staring at a screen. Setting aside some space for employees to decompress benefits your company overall. Productivity increases as well as employee satisfaction. A small investment in a space like this will be well worth it!

The Execution

Don’t be intimidated by well-known lounge friendly companies like Google! All you really need is a space with some comfortable, residential like seating for people to congregate. Modular furniture like these collections from Riviera work with many different office styles.

Riviera Glamour - Lounge Office Trend

Riviera Elder - Lounge Office Trend


For a break area, soft furniture is a must. It will help people relax and create a clear difference between this space and other work stations. Add a few side tables or coffee tables, and you’re well on your way to an employee lounge. If you already have an office kitchen with some extra space, consider converting part of it to the lounge area. Offering coffee, tea, and healthy snack options like fruit are also ways to make the lounge feel more comfortable and homey. Encourage employees to give feedback on how they would like to use the space. 

Take some time and resources to create a lounge area for your staff. They will feel valued, and you’ll reap the benefits of a more engaged and happy workforce. Many times, those casual conversations over a cup of coffee turn into problem solving or brainstorming sessions. A lounge at the office is truly mutually beneficial for the company and employees.




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