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Are You Killing Your Office Productivity With Your Diet?


Are You Killing Your Office Productivity With Your Diet?

Are You Killing Your Office Productivity With Your Diet?

Did you know that what you eat at work could affect your office productivity? Food is fuel for our bodies (including the brain), and eating well at work will lead to a more productive day.

Start with Breakfast

Eat properly in the morning to set yourself up for success. Most people choose to skip breakfast or only sip on a cup of joe. An energy bar once in awhile can work in a pinch, but you really need to eat a balanced breakfast to reap the benefits all day. Focus on lean protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and some healthy fat. A good example would be an egg/egg white omelet with vegetables, sliced avocado, and a small serving of oatmeal.

Go Easy On The Coffee

Many people lean on coffee for a pick me up long after breakfast has past. But research shows that exceeding more than 4 cups starts to have some negative effects. You may experience restlessness or irritability – neither of which are great companions to your day.

Avoid The Carb Coma

It’s tempting to lean on the quick energy giving properties of carbohydrates at lunch. This spike in blood sugar feels good at the time, but afterwards you may feel tired and sluggish. Skip the burritos, subs, or pizza and opt for some slower acting carbohydrates with protein. A burrito “bowl,” for example, with some beans, vegetables, and chicken is a great alternative.


Drinking water throughout the day is essential, especially if you err on the wild side with your caffeine intake. Dehydration negatively affects concentration and short term memory. It can even lead to headaches. Consider trading your afternoon latte for a big glass of water. If you have trouble drinking plain water, adding citrus can help. It’s recommended that women drink at least 91 oz and men drink 125oz per day.

If you make small changes daily towards eating better for your work day, you’ll notice a difference in how you feel. You may no longer get that afternoon slump that so many people complain about. Maybe you notice that your energy stays pretty consistent throughout the day, or that you can maintain focus a little better. Start small, and see what happens!

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