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Big Ideas For Small Conference Rooms


Big Ideas For Small Conference Rooms

Big Ideas For Small Conference Rooms

The boardroom, conference room or ad-hoc meeting room of any business is extremely important. A majority of business planning occurs in this room and for that reason it’s essential to have a well-designed conference room, even if space is an issue.

Conference Table:

If you have a small conference room, it’s important to start with measuring your square footage. Obviously your conference room table will take up a majority of the room. Knowing your square footage allows you to plan accordingly. When picking a conference table, you’ll also want to consider factors like table shape, style, and finish.

Comfortable Conference Chairs:

Your conference room should not only look nice, but office conference room chairs should be comfortable as well. Adjustable height chairs are important to consider. Movable chairs allow users to customize the chair to fit their needs. With a well-fitting chair, one can better concentrate on the meeting and not on how awkwardly high the table is.

Functional Storage:

When you are limited on square footage, combining functional storage credenzas that can also be used as a refreshment center is an excellent way to save space. In addition to dual-purpose floor cabinets, wall cabinets also work best in a small space. They will allow you to store materials such as paper goods, markers and books easily.

Presentation Boards:

White Boards are an excellent way to enhance your space and increase your usability at the same time. Not only does this matching piece of office furniture in Houston look fantastic, it provides a very valuable asset. Whiteboards can help your team visualize priorities.  Plus, it provides a convenient way to modify ideas during a brainstorming session.


It’s important to have a collaboration space free from noise and distractions. Sound masking can aid in that.  Simply put, the process of sound masking keeps the background elements of sound at a constant, almost ignorable level so that attendees can concentrate on the meeting and not spend time trying to get back on task after a disruption. In addition, the room should have proper lighting and lighting control.


In order to make your small conference room functional, voice, data and video cabling services, audio collaboration capability and screen-sharing tools must be available for use. A room properly designed with the convenience of technology makes for more productive and faster paced meetings.

Sometimes designing the perfect conference room is acknowledging that you need some assistance in doing so. This is where a space planning service can be extremely helpful. Space planning services use experts in the fields of design and office planning to ensure that you get everything you need in a timely and budget-conscious manner.

ROSI Office Systems offers free office space planning and design to all of our prospective customers. Our trained staff creates 2D and 3D drawings to maximize square footage and support business objectives. Our goal is to create incredible workspaces that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment. Contact us, today.

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