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Cubicle Customization by Job Function - Part II


Cubicle Customization by Job Function – Part II

Cubicle Customization by Job Function – Part II

Did you know that your employees’ productivity is impacted by their workspace?  When planning your office layout, consider which types of employees need isolation to accomplish their tasks and which work best when collaborating with others, and how the office furnishings can be customized to provide the best working conditions for each.

Reception Area Cubicle Customization Options

The reception area needs to make a good first impression on your guest while providing a productive work space for your receptionist.  Reception stations are available in straight, U-shape and L-shape configurations in a variety of sizes to meet your space and layout constraints.

A front panel can separate your receptionist from your guests and hide the work space while giving some privacy to the receptionist.  A wide variety of panel materials area available, including semi-transparent panels that give a more open appearance, and fabric panels that provide sound absorption with many color options.

Adding a countertop, in laminate or wood, gives more privacy to the receptionist while providing a writing surface for guests.  The reception area cubicle can be further customized with raceways to house electrical, phone and computer cords.

Carefully consider your reception area storage needs in terms of security, comfort and productivity.  Ergonomic keyboard and mouse trays are available for your receptionist’s comfort while under counter lockable file cabinets and drawers provide secure storage for office supplies and personal items.

Cubicle Customizations for Task Employees

From data entry to copywriters to engineers to programmers, some of your employees require a quiet and efficient workspace to be fully productive.  For these types of employees, consider higher cubicle walls for privacy and fabric panels for sound absorption.

These types of workers tend to spend most of their time alone and focused on their computer’s monitor.  Make that time more enjoyable by adding windows built into the cubicle wall to allow the employee to feel less isolated.  Ergonomic chairs, monitor stands, keyboard and mouse trays are a must, for task employees, to prevent stress and strain.

In-office storage solutions such as above-desk shelves and cupboards and under-counter file cabinets allow your employees convenient access to their work products and reference materials.

Collaborative Cubicle Customizations

Open work spaces were all the rage a few years back, but many companies are now filling them with more productive collaborative cubicles.

One popular layout for collaborative cubicles has long desktops with partial panels which provide an area to have face-to-face interactions with co-workers as well as areas for each employee to have their own private space for work that requires more concentration.

Rolling chairs with a sturdy 5-star base will allow employees to quickly shift positions as the need for collaboration arises throughout the day.  Due to the need for employees to roll freely in the space, storage cabinetry could be positioned above the desk areas in the private areas of the collaborative cubicle setup.

Raceways for electrical, phone and computer cord storage are very important so your employees aren’t rolling over and damaging cables.

Systems Furniture Planning Help

It may seem overwhelming to think through all of the ramifications of your office furnishings decisions, but ROSI Office Systems can help you through this process.  With locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, ROSI Office Systems has helped numerous businesses create productive and cost efficient office spaces and we can help you, too.  Just contact ROSI Office Systems for a free cubicle system consultation.   We’ll help take you through a needs analysis process and then provide you with a proposal for best-in-class office cubicle systems designed to meet your needs.


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