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Cubicle Hang-Ups


Cubicle Hang-Ups

Cubicle Hang-Ups

What comes to mind when you think of an office setting: stationary, cabinets, furniture?  Despite their importance, cubicle hangers rarely get their recognition and yet these nifty little hang-ups will make your cubicle work life much more productive as well as comfortable since they help keep your environment tidy.

There are many types of hangers that serve a multitude of functions:

Valet Cubicle Wall Hanger – This is a coat hanger that is ideal for the executive with an expensive suit, or tie that needs to be hanged. The arc in the valet hanger will help keep your suit coat wrinkle free.

valet cubicle hanger

Here is a list of places people put their coats. Which one fits you?

  • They sit on them
  • Leave them in the car
  • Put them under their desk
  • Stuff them in a drawer
  • Wear them all day
  • Sling it over the back of their chair
  • Put them in a locker
  • Hang it up in another room

Knob Cubicle Wall Hanger – These are perfect for hand bags, umbrellas, scarves and winter coats.  Some knobs come with two prongs and work well for those items that need a little more assistance.

knob cubicle hanger

Hook Cubicle Wall Hanger – These are the most common type you will see in an office.  They are not as expensive as other wall hangers and very functional which makes it a popular item.

Peg Cubicle Wall Hanger – Because of its round shape, this cubicle hanger is perfect for scarves and knitted wear since the rounded edges keep threads from pulling or tearing.

peg cubicle hanger

Where do you hang your coat?

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