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Efficient and Effective Office Cubicle Configurations


Efficient and Effective Office Cubicle Configuration

Efficient and Effective Office Cubicle Configuration

According to CoreNet Global, an association for corporate real estate and workplace professionals, the typical amount of office space per worker is 150 square feet.  It is predicted to drop to 100 square feet by 2018. Proper planning to make the most of that space is the key to productivity and worker satisfaction.

These guidelines will help you maximize that space, for each type of employee, to achieve both worker satisfaction and productivity.

Managerial Cubicle Configuration

Available in a wide variety of configurations, managerial cubicles can be completely enclosed with walls and doors for maximum privacy.  More common are configurations of multiple individual cubicles with shared walls and at least one open wall.  Wall sharing helps reduce initial costs while the open wall offers a sense of connectivity to life outside the cube.  Within the cubicle, a combination of overhead storage and an L-shaped or U-shaped desk provide the most efficient use of space.  File cabinets or drawers can easily be integrated below the work surface.  A chair with a five-star rolling base lets the worker move around the space as needed, without having to rise from the chair.

Call Center Cubicle Configuration

You can plan for your call center to have a higher head counter per square foot than other parts of your office.   The separation between rows of cubicles should be wide enough to allow walking down the aisle without bumping into employees seated on either side.  Each work station should be separated by a partial wall to reduce noise from flowing from one worker’s space to the next.  Cubicle walls can be ordered with soundproofing to help your employees concentrate on the task at hand.  Telephone reps generally require an approximately 3′ wide work surface to accommodate a telephone, a monitor and keyboard, and a small writing surface.  This compact setup helps reduce unnecessary movement.  An overhead cabinet and an under-counter drawer provide storage to help keep the work space organized.

The call center supervisor should be in a centrally located and easily accessible, and possibly even a completely open area.  This will allow the supervisor to effectively monitor the staff while being readily accessible when needed.

Reception Cubicle Configuration

Since the reception area may be frequented by both employees and guests, an L-shape can accommodate both.  A transaction top can be added to provide a writing surface for guests to sign in and to provide a bit of privacy for the receptionist if needed.  A partial cubicle wall also serves as a privacy/modesty screen while allowing the receptionist a view of the entry area.  Multiple work surfaces are useful for telephone and data-entry tasks as well as providing an area to house a copier and/or fax, and, in some cases, mail or package preparation and sorting.

Collaborative Cubicle Configuration

Quad Cubicles are ideal for work teams.  They provide a semi-private environment for tasks that require focus while allowing easy collaboration with co-workers for shared tasks and problem solving.  These cubicle setups generally have shared panels and electrical circuitry which reduces your overall costs.  Acoustical panels can alleviate noise leakage for times when individual concentration is required.  Under-surface drawers and cabinets can help keep the work areas organized so the workers can take full advantage of the large work surfaces.

Free Cubicle Systems Buying Guide

Before you buy a cubicle system for your office, download ROSI Office System’s free office systems furniture buying guide to make your cubicle buying experience simple, quick and affordable.  And, read our article about New vs. Remanufactured vs. Used Cubicles to learn the costs differences and advantages or disadvantages of each type of cubicle system.

ROSI Office Systems, with locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, can help you equip your office with a cubicle system designed to help your employees enjoy comfort while you enjoy their productivity.  Contact ROSI Office Systems for a free cubicle system consultation and we’ll help take you through a needs analysis process and then provide you with a proposal for best-in-class office cubicle systems designed to meet your needs.


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