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Fun Office Cubicle DIY Accessories To Brighten Up Your Day


Fun Office Cubicle DIY Accessories To Brighten Up Your Day

Fun Office Cubicle DIY Accessories To Brighten Up Your Day

Office cubicles were first designed in the 1960 giving workers “moveable walls” which allowed them to create and customize their very own personal workspaces.  Though times have changed, and it can feel like you’re working out of a cardboard box sometimes, the office cubicle still has the chance to become your own special office space.  All you have to do is give it some flair – make it your own!  We’ve compiled 10 fun office cubicle DIY accessories guaranteed to turn your cubicle into a space that you enjoy!



1. Geometric Planters: . These DIY geometric planters are the perfect way to bring some class to your office desk. (via Brit + Co)



2. DIY Wooden Clock: Once you’ve got the materials, you can decorate your own wooden clock in whatever colors you choose.  (via Brit + Co)



3. Calligraphy Calendar: Time to practice your best handwriting, because you’ll want to make this your next weekend project. (via Brit + Co)



4. Clip-On Organizers: Make containers to stay organized without sacrificing any of that precious office desk space.  (via Brit + Co)



5. Hang Prints: Hang some pics and prints by making these awesome tape frames. They’ll add color to your walls. (via Brit + Co)



6. Paper Garland: Add a fun tissue paper garland and change the colors with the seasons and holidays. (via The Flair Exchange)



7. Patterned Bud Vase: Fresh flowers do wonders for brightening up any space. Give them a sweet place to rest on your office desk with this simple DIY. (via Brit + Co)



8. Pom Pom Push Pins: Add a little color and whimsy to your office cubicle with these easy peasy DIY pins. (via Babiekins)



9. Metallic Rock Bookends: Who doesn’t love books? Display them proudly with these gorgeous DIY bookends. (via Design Love Fest)



10. Typography Banner: Make a statement that get the attention of all of your co-workers. (via Brit + Co)

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