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Looking For Great Employees? Office Furniture Matters


Looking For Great Employees? Office Furniture Matters

top talent needs great office furniture

Looking For Great Employees? Office Furniture Matters

If you’re having trouble attracting talent, your office furniture could be contributing to your problem. Investing in quality, stylish furniture that represents your brand will go a long way towards recruiting top employees.

young woman interviewed by a professional panelFirst Impressions

Research shows that when looking for jobs, people now prioritize employee experience. The impression they get from touring a prospective office makes a big impact. This includes physical space, office culture, amenities/perks, and technology. More and more, people are considering factors like a nice cafeteria/lounge or flexible desking solutions right along with job duties and salary. After all, they’ll be spending 40+ hours a week in this space, right?

In fact, a recent survey found that almost half (48%) of people would say that the room they were interviewed would influence their decision on whether or not to accept a job. That’s staggering! If that makes you re-think your conference room chairs, it should. And, these are not just Millennials we’re talking about. The survey showed that even the Boomer generation would consider office design a factor during an interview. Make that first impression count with a cohesive office design that speaks to your company culture.

Employee Well Being

Great employees aren’t made overnight. It starts with attracting top talent, but the way your company cares for its employee’s overtime will affect retention, productivity, and overall company morale. One of the first (and most important!) ways to get new hires off to a good start is to make sure they have a customized workstation. Offering high-quality ergonomic chairs and an option to sit or stand means that your employees can be comfortable and active during the workday. Flexibility is key, and it’s the best way to increase focus and decrease the likelihood of chronic pain.

Outside of the workstation/office, provide areas for employees to easily collaborate with each other like a meeting room or lounge. This encourages teamwork and socialization which increases employee engagement and morale. Seating like the Carreta Lounge by Indiana Furniture can be configured in multiple ways and looks perfect in collaborative spaces.

Office Culture

Visually, your office furniture in Houston is going to say the most about your office culture right away. It ties closely into your company’s branding and overall “vibe.” Is it modern? Traditional? Funky? What do you want people to feel when they come to the office? Great employees are spokes-people for your company, so when they talk about their work and office to others – give them something positive to boast about! Maybe it’s their top-of-the-line ergonomic desk set up or fun, collaborative lounge space, but they’ll definitely talk up your company at the next networking or social event.

Whether it’s attracting quality employees or keeping them, the choices you make for office furniture in Houston play a huge role. If you think your space could use some freshening up, contact ROSI to see how we can help you define your brand with great office design. We offer free consultations and over 25 years of experience creating office spaces.

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

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