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Which Fabric Is Best For Reception Furniture?


Which Fabric Is Best For Reception Furniture?

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Which Fabric Is Best For Reception Furniture?

When people enter your office, you want them to have the best possible impression of your company. Lobby furniture must be chosen wisely! This type of furniture has the unique task of visually speaking for your brand and office culture – all within the first few minutes someone enters the space. Plus, it has to stand up to heavy, daily use. So how do you choose upholstery that’s durable and fits your office style?

Fabric Style 

It’s important to look for fabric finishes that are designated for commercial use. Residential furniture will not hold up over time, and you’ll end up having to replace it prematurely. Fortunately, commercial fabrics are not the stodgy, scratchy versions they once were. Today’s options for upholstery come in so many patterns and colors. Bold and geometric or subdued and classic – and everything in between. The key is finding something that fits in with your company style and really speaks to the culture of your office. 


Initially, it’s easy to think that people simply sitting on the reception furniture throughout the day won’t cause a lot of wear and tear, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

  • Food and drinks – Unless you have a rule against these in the reception area, you can be sure there will be spills.
  • Sunlight – While natural light is ideal, it can also cause fading in fabric. Will you need UV protection?
  • Easy to clean – Aside from food/drinks, you’ll want to be able to keep stains at bay and keep your seating looking fresh.

It’s not necessary to cover all your furniture in plastic like your grandmother’s couch! You can absolutely get a level of durability that meets your needs in a quality fabric. 

Engineered Fabrics

The most long-lasting and easy to clean fabrics are typically going to be blends and engineered combinations. Natural materials like cotton, linen, and silk may not hold up in high traffic areas like a reception space and are best reserved for lighter use. We recommend sticking to commercial high-performance blends. These are categorized by “grades.” Some manufacturers use a letter system, and some use a number system to dictate the grade of fabric. Don’t be fooled though, the grade is not necessarily in order of durability but rather an indication of cost. 

Fabric Strength

Another quality of commercial fabrics is a rating by something called a “double rub test.” It is quite literally a test that simulates the rubbing of fabric fibers together when someone sits on it. Commercial grade fabrics withstand over 100,00 double rubs, going upwards of 250,000 or higher! Now that’s a durable fabric.


If all of these choices still have you scratching your head, we can help! ROSI can walk you through fabric grades and styles and ensure you find the perfect seating solution for your waiting area. You only get one chance for that first impression, so if your entry is looking a little lackluster, contact us today for a free consultation.

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