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Office Workouts - Deskercise Your Way To Healthy


Office Workouts – Deskercise Your Way To Healthy

Office Workouts – Deskercise Your Way To Healthy

It’s not easy to find time to exercise during a demanding work week, but there are ways to sneak in some movement throughout the day. Consider it multitasking.

Not only will your health benefit, but your productivity will likely increase as well. Moving stimulates the brain, and when you return to work after a brief break, you’ll feel refreshed.

Office Workout #1

The Stair Stepper is one of the easiest ways to get your heart rate up a little and work your legs. Chances are, you have some stairs in your building. If you normally take the elevator, start using the stairs instead. Want a bonus? Take two steps at a time – it will burn 10% more calories. Even if you don’t have a full flight of stairs in your office, you can still do some step-ups. Step up and down quickly for 1 minute. Work up to a longer period of time as you get better!

Office Workout #2

Get ready to feel the burn with the Wall Sit. Stand against the wall with your back touching and knees shoulder width apart. Slide your back down and move your feet away from the wall until you make a 90 degree angle with your legs at the knee. Hold this position for 30 seconds if you can – it gets brutal pretty quickly. Add 10 seconds every other day if you can to become a real champion!

Office Workout #3

Get the blood flowing with some Jumping Jacks. This is a quick way to get energized, but may require some extra room. Start standing with your hands by your side and feet together. In one motion, raise your hands over your head and jump your feet out to shoulder width. Repeat 15-20 times. It’s recommended to stand up every 30 minutes, so working sets of these in every hour will surely whip you into shape.

Office Workout #4

Tone your arms and chest with some Wall Pushups (or floor pushups, if that’s more your style). If you’re new to this movement, start by facing the wall. Put your hands on the wall about shoulder width apart and step back until you’re leaning slightly. Bend your arms to your maximum range of motion, then push back off the wall. Start with 10 and add as you build strength. Either increase the amount of pushups, or increase the difficulty by moving further away from the wall.

Between these 4 office workouts, you’ll practically be able to get a full body workout while working a productive day.

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