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Reimagining Modern Office Cubicles

Reimagining Modern Office Cubicles

If you are considering your options for office layouts, you are probably thinking about dreary cubicle farms, distraction-heavy open plans, or expensive private offices that discourage collaboration. Fortunately, modern office designs are much more flexible than these standard options. Work has changed drastically over the past two years. Adding modern cubicle styles can help your office adapt. 

From furniture styles to materials like better-quality laminate, offices now have a huge range of design options. The right layouts can make the best use of space for a hybrid team, encourage conversations, provide meeting spaces, and allow for deep focus.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Modern offices are moving away from traditional cubicle setups in favor of flexible furniture and divider designs that allow for focus and collaboration. High-walled cubicles are difficult to move, prevent spontaneous conversations, and don’t offer space for discussions. Modern office cubicles are better suited to businesses’ and teams’ needs to operate successfully. 

Modern cubicles often use lower walls to provide some separation while allowing for easy conversations. Furniture that’s easy to rearrange allows the team to create comfortable spaces for focused team meetings within an open-plan office. If the team needs a different type of space for a new project, reconfigurable furniture is easy to adjust. 

Finally, modern office workstations and furniture include small but important details that make using workplace technology easier. These include built-in cabling to ensure everyone has a convenient place to plug in laptops and other devices.

More Offices Love Laminate – Here’s Why

If you are considering materials for your redesigned office, laminate can be a great choice for furniture and flooring. While laminate has had a bad reputation as a cheap and unattractive material, newer laminate products can look stylish while being both durable and affordable. 

Laminate is a synthetic material that can be printed with any color or pattern, making it incredibly versatile. Incorporating laminate into your workspace allows you to match your office’s style with your brand’s aesthetic. Wood-lookalike laminate flooring and furniture can help your office keep up with nature-inspired design trends without the high costs of solid wood furniture. Some laminate brands use recycled materials, making laminate an environmentally friendly choice.

Influence Creativity With Smart Office Design

Cubicle design for an office can have a major impact on workers’ creativity. There are several ways to arrange your modern office cubicles and other furniture pieces to help your team collaborate and innovate. Start by rethinking the traditional setup of one desk for each employee.

While some individuals and teams need a permanent workspace, others rarely sit at their desks. Whether because of hybrid work arrangements or frequent meetings, companies estimate that up to 60% of their desks are not being used regularly. When desks are unnecessary, removing them frees up space for other furniture configurations that can increase creativity.

Giving your employees a choice of where to sit is an excellent way to encourage collaboration and innovation. Offer secluded, quiet workstations and areas for teams to sit together. Vary your lighting options as well. Brighter areas with lots of natural light will be ideal for some, while others prefer softer, dimmer lighting. 

Having the ability to move among different spaces allows your employees to choose the environment where they’ll do the best work on specific tasks and projects. Modern office designs are generally trending toward more open spaces with group seating. These allow employees from different teams and departments to connect and share ideas.

Office Soundproofing and Demountable Walls


Modern Cubicle Options

Modern cubicle workstations go beyond traditional tall fabric walls that prevent easy collaboration. There are plenty of layouts available that can work for your team or company. Modern office cubicles allow for privacy and social distancing without completely blocking employees from seeing each other. These three cubicle styles provide good examples of available office cubicle workstation options.

High Wall Workstation

The closest style to old-fashioned cubicles, high-wall workstations offer private workspaces separated by 72-inch walls made of laminate and acrylic. Unlike older styles, they offer whiteboard space on one of the interior walls and are topped with clear acrylic panels, which allow for more natural light. If your team spends a lot of time on focused, individual tasks, this design could be a good choice.

Call Center Cubicle

With this workstation style, employees face each other across acrylic boards and felt or laminate dividers. This setup allows your team members to see and talk to each other while acoustic felt panels and dividers minimize distractions. Modern furniture innovations mean you can customize divider heights based on your team’s preferences and adjust desks for optimal ergonomics. This layout takes up less space than fully separated desks while giving everyone plenty of space.

Dogbone Workstation

At this sleek workstation cubicle style, up to six employees sit at a dogbone-shaped desk with clear panels separating the individual workstations. Like the call center cubicle, this is a great option for teams that need to do a mix of individual and collaborative work.

Why Choose ROSI Office Systems

Working with ROSI Office Systems means figuring out which modern office cubicles are right for your office. We know that your workspace’s design matters. It can make your employees happier and more productive and increase your appeal to clients or customers. 

Materials that are easy to clean and dividers that don’t block collaboration help to keep your employees safe and healthy. We offer a full range of office furniture, from cubicles to desks to filing cabinets. Some of our products are eco-friendly and can help with LEED certification. Our onsite consultations and design services let us work with you to create the ideal office environment.

Create High-Performing Teams With ROSI Office Systems

ROSI Office Systems helps Houston businesses design and install their ideal workplace furniture layout. Our experts can visit your office and offer suggestions or a complete design plan. Contact us to discuss your modern cubicle needs today!


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