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Choosing the Right Office Desk

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Creating the right workspace increases your productivity. The best home office desk will provide a comfortable ergonomic setup and easy access to the tools and supplies you need to do your job. ROSI Office Systems has been helping Houston businesses and remote workers create their ideal office setups since 1993.

How to Choose the Right Work Desk


The centerpiece of your home office is your desk. The right desk can mean the difference between a comfortable, productive day and one contributing to stress injuries and disorganization. There are several factors to consider when choosing a work desk.

Identify How You Will Use Your Desk

The best home office desk for you depends on the type of work you do. Consider whether you will use your desk primarily for computer work, paperwork, meetings, or a combination. If you use a desktop computer, choose a desk with a compartment or space underneath to store the tower.

You should also look for holes for wiring, which will help keep your cords secure and organized. If your work is mostly or entirely digital, you probably do not need much desktop space other than what your monitor and keyboard require.

If your job involves paperwork, desktop and storage space will be a priority for your new work desk. Look for a larger desk with plenty of space to make multiple piles and spread out as needed. A larger desk is also a good choice if you host meetings frequently. If looking professional during meetings is important, you may also want to prioritize style and look for a more elegant desk.

Of course, many roles involve a mix of computer and paper-based work and frequent meetings. If this is the case, an L-shaped desk allows you to create separate sections for different activities.

Consider Your Work Style, Habits, and Tools

Your work style goes beyond whether you mostly operate digitally or on paper. If you tend toward an organized chaos system, with multiple piles of paper and work spread across your desk, a bigger desk will work better for you. You might be fine with a smaller desk if you are more tidy and methodical and only have one item at a time.

In addition to your work habits, think about the tools you use to do your job. This could be basic office supplies like staplers and highlighters or more specialized items specific to your role. Either way, look for a desk with the space to use and store the necessary tools. Pay attention to the number and size of drawers. If you store a large number of papers, look for a desk with filing cabinet-style drawers that hold hanging files.

Ergonomics and Space

When choosing the best home office desk, ergonomic considerations are essential. The right setup will prevent long-term repetitive strain injuries. To start, your desk should be the right height for you. Otherwise, your legs will feel cramped under a too-short desk, or you will need to lift your arms to type at a too-tall desk. Desks should be between 28 and 30 inches tall for most adults in an office job.

Make sure that your desk fits within your overall workspace. You should have at least three and a half feet of space behind the desk and three feet between the desk and other office furniture pieces. If space is limited in your office, measure carefully before choosing a desk to ensure you have plenty of room to sit comfortably.

If you type frequently, look for a desk with a slide-out keyboard tray. Usually, a desk that is tall enough for your legs will be too tall for comfortable typing. A sliding tray for your keyboard lets you keep your arms and wrists in the optimal position to avoid strain.

Quality and Durability

High-quality desks can be expensive, but the right one can last throughout your career. Hardwood and good-quality laminate wood are some of the best materials for desks. Metal is another durable option. Avoid cheaper materials like plastic if you want to buy a desk that will last for years.

When shopping for a desk, the easiest way to determine quality is by looking at the construction of the drawers. Well-made desk drawers should open and close smoothly and usually have metal rollers. Wooden drawers should be made of interlocking pieces rather than being held together with glue or staples. If you are looking at metal desks, gaps between the drawer and the desk are a sign of quality issues.

Desk Surface Material

Desk surfaces come in a variety of materials. The right desktop material for you will again depend on your priorities. Laminate desktops, a plastic finish covering a wood core, are very popular. They are both more affordable and more durable than wood. While they are not the most stylish option, metal desks are the most durable. They are not necessarily the best home office desk option, but they can be great for high-traffic areas. If style and elegance are your priorities, look for a wood or veneer desk. These materials look great but are less durable and more expensive than other options.

Why Choose ROSI Office Systems?

Finding the best home office desk can be challenging. If you are shopping for home office furniture in Houston, ROSI Office Systems is ready to consider your needs and help you design and set up your ideal office. We are passionate about creating the perfect office and strive to stay up to date by continually refreshing our knowledge. ROSI provides expertise, not simply a place to shop.

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There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a desk, like your work style, ergonomic needs, quality, and materials, and the choices can be overwhelming. To get advice from a Houston office furniture expert, contact ROSI Office Systems today.

Article updated May 2024

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