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Office Moveable Walls Have Flexibility While Saving Money


Office Moveable Walls Have Flexibility While Saving Money

Change has become a central aspect of the modern workplace as tech companies establish means to evolve and cope with future technology challenges and changing consumer needs. Unfortunately, this is significant but not enough as the world continues to develop post-coronavirus working strategies. 

If you want to build a business that withstands waves of change and the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to build a business that can bend but not break. To achieve this, you need to provide lasting, sustainable, and cost-effective architectural solutions for your clients and employees.

Your entire workspace needs to become agile, and nothing does it best than moveable walls. Demountable wall systems can provide agility to change your office space’s configuration to adapt to your needs for change. 

However, you’ll need a trusted partner to help remodel your office space. And ROSI Office Systems are leading cost-effective, high-quality office furniture providers in Houston and surrounding areas.




A Flexible, Responsive Office Configuration With Moveable Walls

As your business grows, you may consider expanding your office space to accommodate increasing employees. Besides, the current health guidelines for office assumptions require a spacious working space to minimize direct human contact.

However, an office remodel can take at least a year before you resume office operations. In addition, considering financial constraints brought about by the pandemic, traditional office remodeling can be very expensive. 

An alternative to the costly, time-consuming remodel is to invest in moveable walls. Movable walls, such as wood, frameless glass walls, or laminate, can accommodate your changing needs while saving significant money and time. 

If you look forward to expanding your office but don’t want to incur a lot of cost and time, consider moveable walls. They are also agile, creating room for more future changes. 


Easy to Customize and Reconfigure

Demountable walls allow you to configure and remodel your office space the way you want. For example, the factory-built panels come pre-assembled and ready for installation. Once installed, any part of the wall can be detached or replaced without disturbing the rest of the system. 

With the current climate change, providing environmentally friendly solutions is important. Conventional renovations involve much work and environmental disturbance through dust and noise pollution. Contrariwise moveable walls can be deconstructed by tilting them and moving them to a different space without environmental disruption. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time reconfiguring your walls. Moveable office walls can be updated to keep your office in line with the latest technology.


Promote Employee Well-Being

Imagine being able to provide your employees with enhanced acoustical privacy while allowing access to natural light. Natural light is an essential element for our well-being, and humans require to receive at least four hours of sunlight daily. In addition, natural light allows the body to release the hormone serotonin that regulates our moods.

One way to promote your employees’ well-being is by creating sufficient room for natural light in their working space. Windowed zones are some of the best structures that promote access to natural light. For example, if you want departmental units within your office space, transparent and translucent glass moveable walls allow natural light to filter through and reach the rest of the office space. 

Moveable office walls can also effectively reinforce your brand and employees’ awareness through accessories, colors, and finishes. Incorporating magnetic surfaces or writing on any part of your wall can minimize employee movement and enhance their motivation and commitment to your business.


Cost Savings & Sustainability

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness are key to small and medium businesses’ success. If you maintain the low cost for a long period, you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. And if you are considering expanding or remodeling your office space, moveable walls can offer the best solution.

The upfront cost for moveable office walls in Houston and surrounding areas can be higher than for fixed walls. But their sustainability and environmental friendly make them the best investments. Moveable walls can serve you for years and be updated to match the latest office technology.

You don’t have to demolish your moveable office wall to create more space — you only need to tilt the walls and move them where you want. When you decide to move a fixed wall, you have to stop your office operations for some time, while with moveable walls, remodeling can be done while you continue with your office operations. 

If you need to enhance flexibility through sustainable and cost-effective office space remodel, ROSI Office Systems are the leading furniture providers in Houston and surrounding areas. We can help you create a more flexible, sustainable office environment at a pocket-friendly cost.


Why Choose ROSI Office Systems?

Installing moveable walls in your office space requires licensed, experienced experts, to do the job. ROSI Office System has provided quality office furniture for nearly three decades in Houston and surrounding areas. 

Before embarking on your project, our qualified experts can help you assess your office needs. This allows our clients to save on costs and provide them with the correct cost and material estimates to have their work done. 

ROSI Office System promotes your office aesthetics. Creating a cultivating and attractive office space is essential for employees’ motivation and outlook. We can help you create moveable walls and designs that reflect your business objectives and preferences. 

Choosing the right furniture for moveable walls is only part of the job. You need to consider the size of each unit and the occupants of each office space. ROSI contractors take measurements of your available area and help you divide your room to your desired number of units or cubicles to fit all employees. 

ROSI can help you determine the logistics of your space. Many dreams of the best office space and select furniture without considering other factors. For instance, before you install moveable walls, you need to factor in:

  • Number of employees
  • Employees interactions
  • Departmental privacy


At ROSI, we can help you determine all the logistics to ensure you’re remodeling increases the flexibility and efficiency of your business operations.

Shop Flexible Office Furniture in Houston

The current trend in office floor plans and health guidelines for the post-Covid-19 office resumption requires minimum human contact. If you want to remodel while enhancing flexibility in your office space, movable walls are ideal for promoting productivity while preventing the spread of coronavirus in the workplace. 

If you consider reconfiguring your office space in Houston and surrounding areas, then ROSI Office Systems provides high-quality and affordable office furniture.

Contact us for all your office furniture needs. 


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