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Preparing Your Office for Post-Covid Reopening


Preparing Your Office for Post-Covid Reopening

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Preparing Your Office for Post-Covid Reopening


The United States has started to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, and almost every company has resumed operations. Although some businesses have yet to resume full operations, employees have returned to work either remotely or in offices. But, we are not out of the woods yet — there is still a need to consider measures to protect employees and communities from other waves of the pandemic.

Preparing your office for post-covid reopening is critical to preventing the future spread of the virus. ROSI Office Systems can help you remodel your office and working area to enhance this new normal in Houston and surrounding areas.


Office Furniture Should Align with Current Health Guidelines for Post-Coronavirus

As companies work on means to accommodate the new normal within their operations, there are various things to consider.

Resuming manufacturing, customer services, re-strategizing halted goals, and implementing projects can be the initial things to do after reopening. But, has your organization started implementing the current healthcare guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus? 

The current healthcare guidelines are important to prevent quick virus transmission among employees. And to do this, organizations must reconsider office sitting arrangements to allow sufficient free airflow.

That said, furniture rearrangement should be a priority for every organization. If your organization operates in Houston and surrounding areas, you are lucky. You can get new and used office furniture in Houston conveniently.


Place Capacity Signs During Your Post-coronavirus Reopening

Controlling direct human contact is the key to reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Placing capacity signs around the office may seem unimportant, but this is essential. 

Although everyone now understands the essential need for social distancing, controlling large crowds in offices without written guidelines or symbols can be challenging. However, placing capacity signs all over the working area can help.


Convert Lobbies into Check-in Stations

Lobbies were some of the best places for employee interactions and casual conversations that built strong bonds among employees. But that was long before the outbreak of the pandemic. For this, we must understand that we live in a different world from what we had in the pre-pandemic period.

Converting lobbies to check-in stations can be essential in preventing the spread within an organization. Placing health assessment equipment such as the Infrared Fever Scan System (IFSS) or any other device recommended to scan or reduce the spread of the coronavirus at the converted check-in stations can be vital.

When an employee is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, such as high temperatures at the check-in stations, they should go for further checkups in a healthcare facility.

A reception table at one end of the lobbies can enhance the check-in station and promote office beauty. Organizations should consider where they purchase their check-in station equipment. At ROSI Office Systems, we have the best office furniture in Houston for improving your office outlook.


Install Temporary Plexiglass and Cubicle Barriers

Plexiglass barriers and cubicles are effective measures to reduce direct human contact and improve an office’s beauty.

ROSI Office Systems is the leading new and used furniture provider in Houston and surrounding areas. At ROSI Office System, we understand that most organizations are struggling to resume optimum operations. We have remanufactured and used cubicles, commercial office desks, and office furniture resources to facilitate social distancing. Used office furniture in Houston can be ideal for your organization, including cubicles, saving you up to 70% off of new furniture in Houston and surrounding areas.


Distance Indicators and Benching Category

Health guidelines recommend that organizations implement a 6-feet apart between employees. But how do people estimate a 6-feet distance between them all the time? The best way to implement this guideline would be to place floor stickers that indicate a 6-feet distance. Placing stickers where an employee sits can indicate where the next closest employee should sit. 

Benching an office can also function as a distance indicator. For example, placing benches at a distance of 6 feet can prevent employees from going too close to each other. 

If your organization needs new or used benches, ROSI Office System has the best benching furniture in Houston and surrounding areas.


Ensure Proper Ventilation Using Windows

Does your organization have central air conditioners and heaters? Well, they may not offer an effective solution. Central air conditioners and heaters recirculate the air within the office but fail to eliminate any viral particles. Instead, organizations should provide proper ventilation using windows. Installing more windows can allow free air circulation in an office as fresh air flows freely.

Nonetheless, if an office does not have room for more windows, don’t worry. Such offices should have fewer employees than other offices. In addition, no one should stand near the air conditioning exhaust, where particles often clog. 


Purchase and Install Hand Sanitizers

Regular hand washing and sanitizing have been the most effective measures to manage the coronavirus. As organizations resume full operations, they should purchase hand sanitizers and install them in strategic places for employees and customers to use. 

Installing more handwashing stations in kitchens, washrooms, and office entrances is also an important strategy for reopening. 


Why Choose ROSI Office System?

Reorganizing or purchasing office furniture to accommodate the current health guidelines in the office is key to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. No one wants to be put under a lockdown or see businesses closing due to the increased spread of the virus. Hence, the necessary furniture should be prioritized as the organization continues to reopen post-coronavirus.

There are many office furniture dealers in Houston and surrounding areas — unfortunately, getting the right quality for your organization can be challenging.

At ROSI Office System, we have Houston’s best quality new and used office furniture. Our decades of experience allow us to offer office furniture that fits our clients’ organizational and home office needs.

Is your organization going through financial hardship? Worry no more! ROSI Office System has the best offer for used furniture. You can get quality used office cubicles for up to 70% off of new. Therefore, both small and large organizations can implement the current health guidelines efficiently.

Besides, ROSI Office System’s technical expertise can efficiently walk you through the renovation process and help you create more space for social distancing in your organization. 


Shop Office Furniture in Houston

Implementing the current health guidelines is essential for post-covid reopening. As organizations aim to recover time and resources lost during the lockdown period, it is also important to prevent more coronavirus waves.

People may not maintain social distancing without concrete indicators. And office furniture is the best to enhance social distancing. Purchasing the right new or used office furniture in Houston, installing hand sanitizers, and placing capacity signs can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

ROSI Office System can be your best partner in renovating your office and purchasing office furniture in Houston. Contact us today to acquire the right office furniture for implementing current healthcare guidelines.


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