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The Difference Between Low-Walled Cubicles And Benching Cubicles


The Difference Between Low-Walled Cubicles And Benching Cubicles

The Difference Between Low-Walled Cubicles And Benching Cubicles

The options for office furniture in Houston have grown immensely since the original cubicle made its debut in the 60s. In fact, there are so many options that it might be hard to decide which desking solution will work best for your office. ROSI is here to help!

Over the past decade, the classic, boxy cubicle farm gave way to the open office trend. But, people quickly realized that too much openness isn’t always good for productivity. More and more employees are in favor of a workspace that offers a bit of a balance. Employees want privacy without being completely isolated from their peers.

visual example of benching cubicle and low walled cubicleLow Walled Cubicles

Today’s low walled cubicles are anything but the drab gray boxes you might typically associate with the term “cubicle.”  They are sleek, modern, and facilitate collaboration, unlike their predecessors. A low walled cubicle is defined as 42″ high, from the ground to the top of the partition. It’s low enough to let in ambient light and for you to see your neighbor without having to get up. It makes teamwork easy while still offering a defined space with privacy. The best of both worlds, low walled cubicles offer ease of communication but keep distractions to a minimum. Customize each cubicle with desk and storage options, and choose from plenty of finishes to match your office style. 

ROSI even offers low walled cubicles as part of our RECube remanufactured line. These are high-quality recycled pieces that we customize specifically for your needs. That means you can get a budget saving, green solution with all the same durability guarantees as new cubicles.

Low walled cubicles take up much less space per person now – on average about 36 sq ft. They can be designed to fit in any office layout, maximizing your space. If you need an even more space-saving solution, though, benching cubicles might be a better fit. If you’re unsure, we’ve compiled a tutorial to help.

Benching Cubicles

Benching cubicles offer a similar semi-private environment to the low walled cubicle, but the work area per person is much smaller- about 15 sq ft. Therefore, these make excellent choices for small offices! Unlike a traditional cubicle, where each person has his/her own desk,  benching involves large tables with optional partitions. Think of it as a large dining table with each person having a place setting – it’s easy to collaborate with coworkers or have an impromptu meeting. Since the table surface extends throughout all workstations, there are fewer customization options per person than with low walled cubicles. But, the space-saving advantage is huge! Benching cubicles come in a wide range of sizes, so there’s sure to be the perfect fit for your office space.

ROSI provides both low walled and benching cubicle solutions. We’ll discuss your project in detail and make recommendations based on your office layout, employee headcount, style, and budget. With over 25 years of experience, ROSI can help you decide what will work best for your office and employees. Contact us today for a free consultation about your office furniture in Houston needs.

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