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Selecting The Right Office Cubicle Wall Height


Selecting The Right Office Cubicle Wall Height

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Selecting The Right Office Cubicle Wall Height

When you are ready to outfit your workplace with office cubicles, the first thing you’ll notice is that you are met with an abundance of choices –  new, refurbished, different colors, different shapes and sizes and available in varying wall heights! They are very versatile! There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct office cubicle design for your office space and it may seem overwhelming at first but for the most part, it starts with selecting the proper office cubicle wall height. The height of your office cubicle will depend on the nature of your business and how much privacy you want your employees to have.  Knowing that first will help you to select just the right office cubicle setup to fit your needs.

Low Wall, Collaborative Cubicles

Ideal for: Marketing Firms, Tech Companies

Low wall office cubicles allow employees to see and talk to each other while seated. While this doesn’t afford much privacy, it does allow for a lot of collaboration and free flow of work ideas from your own desk. These office configurations often times incorporate a peninsula work surface area where a quick stand up meeting can take place. Spontaneous brainstorming sessions occur seamlessly in this environment.

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Medium Wall, Semi-Private Cubicles

Ideal for: Sales, Call Centers

Medium wall office cubicles can be made of clear panels to allow light to flow through. This particular wall height can give employees more privacy while sitting but can also easily chat with a neighbor or get the attention of a manager by standing. They also provide an opportunity to hang open shelving (not bins) and other important work tools.

ROSI Office Systems, Inc.

High Wall, Privacy Cubicles

Ideal for: Human Resources, Finance, Law Offices

High-walled cubicles offer the most office privacy. Even standing, employees cannot easily peer into each other’s office space, which allows for quiet, focused work without outside distractions. The benefits also include the maximum capacity for cable storage and distribution and can accommodate both full-height hanging shelves and overhead bins. The most formal of the three options, high-walled cubicles seem suited to a more serious or conservative company that values productivity and discretion more than collaboration.

ROSI Office Systems

Getting the right height for your office cubicles depends so much on their intended use. No matter the professional focus, ROSI Office Systems provides the right cubicles for your Houston area business function. We offer a comprehensive selection of both new and remanufactured cubicles to ensure that you will get the system you need that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost.

When purchasing from ROSI, we also offer project management services that will coordinate all data, phone, and electrical contractors prior to the installation of office furniture in Houston. Our staff will create a project timeline ensuring that the project stays on track and move-in dates are met.

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