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The Standing Room Only Workplace


The Standing Room Only Workplace

The Standing Room Only Workplace

This is probably not the first you’ve heard of this but the ill effects of remaining seated for long periods of time is said to be bad for your health. It even has a name, sitting disease. More recently, health experts have gone so far as to suggest that offering ways for individuals to exercise while at your office desk or office cubicle would boost health levels and even significantly increase the life expectancy of office workers.

Many individuals look to reverse the effects of lengthy sitting sessions by heading to the gym, but some experts have gone so far as to say that this won’t cut it. So, with this is mind, is it likely that one day your office will be a standing room only workplace?

Standing Room Only Workplace Options

Standing desks continue to be a growing trend in the office furniture world. When companies provide office workers with standing desks or treadmill desks, it will not only aid in their overall health but it will also boost energy levels. Being seated, especially after lunch, can leave individuals lethargic and far from their most productive.

When thinking of migrating workers to standing desks, you must weigh whether the benefits of such a change will equal the cost and upheaval caused by completely altering workplaces. You must also decide if you will offer workers a choice to stand or sit.

In an effort to appease workplace diversity, many companies have offered a compromise to workers who are reluctant to fully embrace the standing room only workplace. They offer employees adjustable-height standing desks, breaking up the day into both sitting and standing moments. The reason why an adjustable standing desk is a great option for some individuals is because standing all day can also cause problems and those not used to it will experience many more aches and pains at the end of the day.

While outfitting the entire office with standing desks may seem like a costly investment, the benefits of standing at work should not be overlooked. If cost is an issue, businesses may want to introduce the standing room only concept in phases.  First phase may be to provide higher workstations that individuals can use when they want to stretch their legs. You could also make it mandatory that company meetings take place with all attendees standing. Once your workforce gets use to the idea of standing, then add standing desks as a part of your phase two deployment.

It may also make sense to allow individuals regular breaks to exercise or simply move around. Most experts agree that taking breaks to move can go a long way to solving problems associated with sitting at your office desk for too long. Furthermore, such a move is also likely to aid concentration and energy levels, too.

At ROSI Office Systems we have a whole range of ergonomic, leaning seats and standing desk solutions to help your workforce remain healthy, comfortable and productive without the need to redesign your entire space. If you are in the Houston area, stop by our showroom to try out our standing desk options. You can also email or call us at (713) 636-5248 for more details.


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