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Why Introverts Love Office Cubicles


Why Introverts Love Office Cubicles

Why Introverts Love Office Cubicles

Office cubicles have gotten a bad rep over the years.  Probably because every time a miserable job or employee is portrayed on TV, there they are – rows and rows of them, looking dull and monotonous. Initech ring any bells? “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!”

The contemporary trend towards forced collaboration through open office design has knocked down the walls of the beloved office cubicle. The problem is that the newfound love for the groupthink model goes against the comfort level of many office workers, especially introverts. Many complain of a lack of privacy, exposed to more interruptions and the feeling of being on display for everyone to see (and judge) you.

Office cubicles of today are not like the cubicles of the 90’s. You may be surprised that the mundane plainness of the cubicles of the past has changed. Today’s office cubicles offer brighter fabric options that create a more uplifting work environment. Plus, they offer an abundance of additional features like lighting options and ergonomics, which are tailored to the specific needs of the employee.

Most importantly, introverts love office cubicles because they provide:

Less Distractions: Employees tend to be less distracted inside an office cubicle, which helps provide a quieter work environment. They are less prone to gazing around at other employees as they would in an open office structure. Instead, they stay more focused on assignments, leading to greater productivity.

Privacy: The cubicle also provides a sense of privacy for workers, especially for those working on classified documents, like paychecks or human resource materials. The cubicle walls serve as a barrier. With a cubicle “door”, etiquette dictates that co-workers knock at cubicle entrances before entering someone else’s workstation.

Offices can be particularly difficult environments to navigate for introverts, who gain energy and generally feel their most productive in quiet and solitude, and the constant stimulation and social interactions can be taxing. Add on possible judgement about their personalities and work style from extroverted bosses and colleagues, and it’s enough to make an introvert want to work from home full-time. But with the right office design, they won’t have to.

ROSI Office Systems provides knowledgeable advice when it comes to office cubicles. We offer a comprehensive selection of both new and remanufactured cubicles to ensure that you will get the system you need that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost.

If you’re ready to plan for your next office cubicle addition, ROSI Office Systems designers are ready to help! ROSI Office Systems can design a workspace for any type of business or employee. Our trained designers create best-in-class drawings that let your visualize your future environment prior to purchase. Contact us, today!

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