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How to Stay Warm and Productive in a Cold Office


How to Stay Warm and Productive in a Cold Office

How to Stay Warm and Productive in a Cold Office

No matter the temperature outside, it always seems to be too cold in the office. Last year, an article surfaced regarding the differences of men and women’s temperature preferences in the workplace. Apparently, this study sited that the formulation for office thermostats seems to be catered towards the preferences of men. No wonder I’m always freezing! Regardless of gender, the reality is that cold employees aren’t just uncomfortable – they are also distracted and unproductive.

It’s science, really. When our body temperature drops, we use more energy in an attempt to keep ourselves warm; this exertion of energy means that we have less available to maintain our concentration levels. Therefore, it’s important that you do what you can to make sure all employees are comfortable. Some studies suggest that even aside from your gender, the industry you work in can have an effect on how hot or cold you want it. Apparently, creative people need warmer offices, but colder temperatures can keep employees focused if their work isn’t that demanding.

So, how in this world of open offices, is it possible to satisfy all employees with their ideal working temperature? The solution is to find a suitable temperature that everyone can agree on, but of course this is easier said than done. Perhaps you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. Here are a few tips to stay warm and productive in a cold office:

Desk Exercises:

Do these 10 easy exercises you can do in your office cubicle to keep your muscles working and heart pumping to stay comfortable in a cold office.

Layer Up:

This one seems obvious, but I feel the need to include it. Wear lots of layers. Leggings under pants, long shirts under sweaters, etc.

Cozy Heater:

Most offices do not allow space heaters to be used due to fire hazards but there is an alternative, get a cozy heater. These small, low-wattage under office desk heaters keep individuals warm, while saving money on the heating bill & reducing the risk of fires & power outages.

Fingerless Gloves:

If you’re working on a laptop that gets warm that might help some, but you might actually want to invest in a pair of fingerless gloves. There are plenty of pairs for under $5 on Amazon. Plus, since you are already at an office desk and near a computer, you could also go with a pair of USB heated gloves!

Drink a Hot Beverage:

Your morning coffee just got a whole lot more valuable. Holding onto a hot beverage will help to keep your hands warm so you can type away all day. As an added bonus, an experiment conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder found that participants who held a cup of hot coffee are viewed as having a “warmer” personality. In other words, holding a hot drink could make you friendlier.

Work Pod:

If you have the luxury of working for a company with available work pods, just climb aboard your Steelcase Brody WorkLounge! The built-in heated lumbar is sure to keep you warm and comfortable at work.

However you choose to solve potential battles over the workplace temperature, one theme will remain consistent across the board; a happy, comfortable workforce is a productive one!



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