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Can New Office Furniture Help Your Productivity?


Can New Office Furniture Help Your Productivity?

Can New Office Furniture Help Your Productivity?

There are literally thousands of office design options to choose from, each as unique as the business itself. For example, open offices are designed to increase collaboration. Cubicles provide more affordable seating in a smaller space. Standing desks and ergonomic chairs put health as priority. Each design layout offers a list of pros and cons. At ROSI, Office Systems Inc., we believe a blended approach is the best method.

Increasingly however, companies and designers have a new purpose, to help workers concentrate and focus in a noise-filled workplace. Search the blogosphere and you’ll find a lot of office design buzz around a new office furniture concept coming in August, called the “Brody” (a complement of brain and body) by Steelcase.  They believe this new office furniture design that will do just that – help focus and increase productivity.

The design inspiration came from a library setting. Designers observed that students came to a library with intent to find solace. They found that people would tend to isolate themselves in a study area way in the back away from everyone in search of a quiet place to work on their assignments. So, why wouldn’t you require the same sort of area to concentrate on your work projects? With that goal in mind, Steelcase designed a pod-like space for businesses. The “pod” includes a reclined seat and a movable desk, surrounded on the back and sides by a privacy wall. It also features a  mini LED task light, a power outlet, personal work surface, a side surface which also serves as an armrest, patented “LiveLumbar” technology which gives back support, personal storage off of the floor, a foot rest, and a cushion that adapts to each person’s size.

The next several months will certainly bring many opportunities to businesses in regards to office space sustainability, productive and affordable work space solutions and an effective reaction to both. ROSI is focused on the future and is available to provide solutions to these and many other questions facing facility managers, business owners and more. Contact ROSI for help with a space plan and many other creative ideas that will help get your business working more effectively and efficiently.

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