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7 Tips For Great Cubicle Etiquette


7 Tips For Great Cubicle Etiquette

7 Tips For Great Cubicle Etiquette

For many, these office cubicle etiquette tips are common sense, however, it takes just one co-worker not minding their “P’s” and “Cubicles”, before the pot is stirred and stress is boiling over. The idea is to maintain a sense of personal office space by respecting your Houston cubicle buddies’ physical office space and air space. After all, we’re all working in ‘Cubeland’ together. Which cubicle etiquette tips are you guilty of forgetting? For cubicles in Houston, #2 and #7 probably mean you should skip the Mexican for lunch.

1. Knock before speaking

It’s a simple way to prevent surprising an individual who may be deep in thought and also gives the cube dweller the opportunity to decline a conversation if the timing is inconvenient.

2. Make wise food choices

People react differently to odors — whether it’s cologne, cleaning supplies or food — so be sensitive to offensive smells that could come from your lunch, such as tuna fish, broccoli and even popcorn. If you’re reheating leftovers that may turn some stomachs, enjoy it in the employee break room instead eating it at your desk.



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