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As a consumer, you have several options available to you when purchasing office furniture workstations and cubicles.  The three most popular options include used cubicles, remanufactured or refurbished cubicles, and new cubicles.   We will break down each of these options enabling you to select the right product for your upcoming project.

Used Cubicles

These cubicles are typically low-quality, low-tech cubicles used by companies in non-customer facing areas.  These workstations range in price from $495.00 – $999.00 per cubicle and usually do not include a warranty. While these used cubicles serve a valuable purpose for some companies, they do not provide a “like new” appearance and are typically sold as-is where-is. Typical customers includes startups and small businesses with office furniture budget limitations.

Remanufactured Cubicles

This segment of the workstation/cubicle market continues to expand.  Remanufactured workstation provide a “like-new” appearance and are now incorporating glass stacking options and ergonomic work-tools into office cubicle environments.  These workstations are completely remanufactured with new fabric, new laminate worksurfaces, and painted metal trim.  Workstation costs range from $ 795.00 – $ 2,000.00 per standard workstations.

Remanufactured products carry a “limited lifetime” warranty mirroring the warranty offered by new cubicle manufacturers.  Standard size remanufactured cubicles orders are delivered in 2 – 4 weeks.  Typical customers are startups and mid-size companies looking for high-quality low-cost office furniture workstations and cubicles.

New Cubicles

New cubicles are typically customizable high-end cubicle solutions that range from $ 1,800.00 – $ 4,500.00 per standard workstation.  New workstations offer the latest designs including frame and tile systems, benching systems, and standard monolithic panel systems. They also carry a “limited lifetime” warranty. Replacement parts are provided at no cost as long as products are used in accordance with normal usage standards, typically 8 hours per day.

When buying new cubicles, you will have a larger range of fabric, finish, storage, and workstation size options. The downside is that lead times from order entry to delivery range from 5 to 12 weeks.  Typical customers include large corporations that are purchasing 150 or more workstations.

Please contact us for current stock and pricing on used “as is” cubicles. If you are not sure what kind of cubicles and office furniture you need to meet your requirements, ROSI provides a free consultation and space planning service. Call today to schedule a consultation!

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