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Demountable Partitions Provide Businesses in Houston, TX, with a More Flexible Office Layout

Demountable Partitions Houston TXDemountable partitions increase floorplan flexibility while saving your business money. For many modern businesses in Houston, Texas, the traditional, static office layout isn’t the smart or economical choice. Partitioning an office with drywall is not only costly, it’s inflexible. If you’re company grows or needs to adjust its office layout to accommodate for a new workflow, removing and rebuilding new walls will be time consuming and messy. Fortunately, ROSI Office Systems Inc. offers a solution to dynamic businesses that want a more adaptable floorplan – demountable partitions.

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Benefits of Moveable Walls

Choosing demountable partitions will save your business money while making it easier to adjust your floorplan. These wall systems not only cost less, but they are also 100 percent recyclable. When you need to make changes, simply contact us, and we’ll quickly move them to rearrange your office layout. They can be installed directly over your flooring – even carpet – and take hours instead of days to install without any of the construction mess associated with drywall. Additionally, demountable wall systems can contribute to LEED certification and offer tax advantages for even greater cost savings.

Moveable walls offer more than just savings and flexibility. They are available in numerous materials, including sleek glass, fabric, vinyl, and even writable surfaces to help you achieve the look you want. And, they offer better soundproofing than drywall.

To learn more about what makes ROSI Office Systems Inc.’s demountable partitions a better solution than drywall for businesses in Houston, TX, contact us today.


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