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Healthcare office furniture and medical care furniture demands are unique. The furniture must be highly-effective and durable to multiple users including employees, patients and visitors. These special requirements will comprise much of the office furniture buyer’s needs when selecting functional pieces to fit a new health care, elder care or medical office facility. 

What types of furniture is needed in the healthcare industry:

  • Sterile & Easy to clean

  • Antibacterial surfaces

  • Sturdy and Durable

  • Increased weight limits

  • Easy to use mechanical features

  • Designed specifically for healthcare

  • Price

We know that medical offices and nursing facilities have very specific office furniture needs.  Issues of sanitation, sturdy construction, ease of use all present challenges to the team tasked with purchasing your new office furniture.  It’s important for you to purchase the type of quality, durable office healthcare furniture that will provide years of service while still looking current and fresh. That’s why ROSI offers customizable options to address your specific needs.

Your clients and staff must be able to easily operate the mechanical furniture that supports independence for your patients.  We offer a full line of intuitive, easy to use mechanisms for clinics, hospitals and medical offices that can be integrated into your existing furnishings to maximize your replacement budget while insuring your investment will be customizable for your current situation and for future updates to your facility.

Smart elder care furniture construction anticipates caregiver needs – making their daily use a benefit to efficiency and safety rather than a challenge to be overcome.  In order to attract and maintain top talent, you must provide your employees and caregivers the tools they need to work efficiently and safely.

Long term care facilities present the challenge of moisture resistant coverings and sturdy construction to support the independence of clients while offering a fresh, cheerful environment and intuitive usage for staff and client alike.

ROSI offers several lines of office and medical furniture at various price points which address the challenge of providing patients and family members with support from stress and fatigue – enabling caregivers to work safely and effectively as a team, and reflecting a healthcare organization’s vision and brand.

When evaluating your existing furniture for life expectancy and conducting a return-on-investment analysis, it’s important to consider what choices will enable safe and effective care delivery while offering comfort and a pleasant environment to everyone who utilizes the area, including guests. Inadequate equipment and furniture are liabilities and must be addressed before the inevitable accident occurs.

A typical new 200,000 square foot, 120-bed inpatient hospital may have over 1,600 individual pieces of furniture. Healthcare administrators often consider furniture a onetime cost, similar to walls, lighting, and heat; a facility must have furniture in order to serve patients, families, and the healthcare team.

Work environments should be designed with adjustable features that can accommodate a variety of worker sizes. Upholstered furniture constructed of high-performance sound-absorbing materials, like the acoustical panels used in modular furniture, may provide an additional auditory privacy solution worth exploring along with high-performance sound-absorbing ceiling tiles and flooring when care is provided in a more open environment.

The high risk healthcare industry demands much from these common objects, ranging from embodying an organization’s brand, providing patient comfort and support during stressful times, enabling staff to work efficiently and safely as a team, and perhaps most importantly, not contributing to patient and staff and organizational harm.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial finishes are necessary for all healthcare furniture needs. Surfaces must be nonporous, smooth and easily cleaned, with no surface joints or seams, easy to maintain, repair, and clean and which will not support microbial growth. ROSI works with several healthcare furniture manufacturing partners that deliver exceptionally tough, nonporous surfaces.

In order to reduce the incidence of patient falls and associated injuries chair seat height, tilt angle and foot position spaces must be adjustable, and they must be sturdy and not easily tipped. Seating with higher weight limits than average become necessary in the healthcare industry. Chairs, tables and storage casegoods must have no sharp angle or hard edges that can injure patients who fall or trip. The same quality healthcare seating manufacturers that specialize in products designed specifically for healthcare also create seating that will withstand more weight and longer use.
ROSI understands your special healthcare furniture needs. We’re here to find the products that will support your mission and create a safe and healthy environment for everyone. All ROSI healthcare furniture provides longevity and durability to meet the demands of elder care, surgical centers, hospitals, urgent care and more.

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