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Herman Miller Office Furniture & Seating

At ROSI, expect high-quality and affordable office furniture and accessories from our retail partners. We are proud to add Herman Miller, Inc. office solutions to our product showcase. ROSI’s commitment to style, function, and comfort is also reflected in Herman Miller office designs. This workspace furniture and accessories will meet your industry’s needs from businesses and work-from-home offices to education settings and healthcare facilities.

Shop for chairs at ROSI featuring Herman Miller’s performance seating products. Find comfort and easy movement in ergonomic seating designs for:

  • Office chairs
  • Stools
  • Side chairs
  • Lounge seating
  • Benches
  • Outdoor seating

Office Furniture Chairs and Seating Options at ROSI

If a chair lacks comfort, worker health and productivity can suffer. All of our work seating items are ergonomic, adjustable, and easy to move. Choose seating from an attractive and vast variety of desk chairs and benches to fit your preferences best.

Herman Miller Office Furniture Desks and Team Workspaces

Search for desks and collaborative workspace options from ROSI’s Herman Miller workspace furniture product line. Find the right balance of privacy and openness, and work in style and comfort with these desk and team area office solutions:

  • Desks
  • Private offices
  • Collaborative furniture
  • Sit-to-stand items
  • Benching


Office Furniture Desk Designs at ROSI

From executive-level to home office furniture, ROSI can accommodate any desk needs with a variety of styles. Shop for office desks in “L” or “U”-shapes or traditional designs.

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Herman Miller Office Tables

Find versatile and sleek tables that are perfect for either formal conference rooms or informal work areas. Tabletop heights are adjustable for switching from a seated position to standing. Herman Miller’s “Everywhere” tables with wheels are easy to move anywhere, providing a seemingly endless selection of table design options! Choose office furniture tables for a variety of functions:

  • Conference rooms
  • Sit-to-stand
  • Training areas
  • Break rooms and dining areas
  • Coffee or occasional tables


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Herman Miller Office Space Division

Herman Miller office furniture products provide the level of transparency or privacy that is just right for dividing your workspace. You have so many arrangement options as well! You can easily slide and roll privacy screens as temporary dividers or build more permanent layouts with freestanding pods and walls.

  • Room dividers
  • Phone booths and office pods
  • Privacy screens
  • Freestanding screens


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Office Furniture Table Selection at ROSI

From small groups to large company training sessions, ROSI provides table solutions to fit your needs. Shop for tables specially designed for conferences, reception areas, and training. We also have smaller café style items and standing-height tables.

ROSI Office Division Architectural Products

ROSI offers a variety of architectural products such as space dividers, demountable walls, and acoustic panels. All of these products are moveable and adjustable and cost less than drywall.


Herman Miller Office Storage

Remember to include some storage for files and supplies with your new business or home office furniture collection. Get high-quality modular storage items that are stackable and easy to rearrange. Use shelves, trays, and dividers for organization within each storage unit. Add cabinets and drawers as you need them or when you plan to expand your business in the future. Herman Miller offers separate pieces as well as several storage design collections:

  • Meridian Storage
  • Canvas Storage
  • Tu Storage
  • Nelson Basic Cabinet Series
  • Nelson Thin Edge Group
  • Eames Desks and Storage Units


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Herman Miller Lab Furniture

ROSI carries durable, modular lab furniture for renovating existing labs and creating new ones for science, education, and healthcare work. Herman Miller’s Co/Struc system lab items allow easy movement and access to materials. With modules and panels, lab spaces are flexible because they can be rearranged and customized, and the heavy-duty surfaces can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Tables
  • Sinks
  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Carts
  • Computer work stations
  • Wall structures — panels, strips, and modules


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Office Storage Cabinets and Case Goods at ROSI

ROSI knows that filing and storage are vital tasks for your business or industry. That’s why we sell long-lasting, high-quality cabinets and case goods that enhance the look and function of your office. We have so many sizes, colors, and style options for storage that fits within your workspace furniture budget.

ROSI’s Customized Lab Furniture

ROSI understands your industry’s needs for optimizing workflows and productivity. Our customization plans allow space and organization for workers as well as provide comfort with ergonomic designs. We can help you plan your lab workspace by offering several lab furniture options within your budget.

About Us

Since 1993, ROSI has been a Houston-based leading retailer of high-quality business and home office furniture from Herman Miller and other quality brands. We have grown into full-service retail, design, and installation company dedicated to creating desired workspaces for reasonable prices. We can manage any office makeover or new design project from the initial idea to the final delivery and setup. Call or text us today at (713) 766-5722 for a free consultation or visit one of our showrooms in Houston or Stafford, TX! 


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