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Every industry has unique workspace requirements in office furnishings. Searching for office furniture and work stations for the manufacturing industry, however, requires the office furniture buyer to seek atypical characteristics. Here are a few of the top considerations when designing an office within a manufacturing facility.

  • Tough surfaces resistant to dirt, scratches, nicks and cuts.

  • Quiet workstations and office cubicles.

  • Multi-shift seating that will stand-up to 24-hours of use.

  • Multi-functional workstations that allow both sitting and standing.

  • Collaborative areas with brainstorming tools such as glass boards, markers, comfortable seating and data cabling for easy networking and device-charging.

ROSI Office Systems knows it’s important for work surfaces on items such as office chairs, desktops, storage and conference tables to withstand harder knocks than are in an ordinary office environment. For example, our vendor, BioFit, specializes in ergonomic, super-tough polypropylene seating solutions that are rugged enough to last in a manufacturing environment. The UniqueU task seat resists dirt, scratches, nicks and cuts, and was designed for multi-shift use. With a soft-touch pneumatic seat-height adjustment, rearward seat tilt, backrest tilt and height adjustment, BioFit does not forget about comfort.

In a noisy and bustling factory environment, it’s difficult to concentrate unless you’re a seasoned veteran on the factory floor. That’s why office cubicles and collaborative meeting spaces can be outfitted with sound-absorbing privacy panels that help manage noise. ROSI will even create your new work spaces and office cubicles—new or remanufactured—with custom, sound-absorbing materials at our workshop near Houston, Texas. Other sound-absorbing options are available such as white-noise systems and full privacy panels outfitted for mobility when the next impromptu team huddle or brainstorming session takes place.

Office cubicle and workstation functionality play an integral role in a bustling manufacturing facility. Sit-to-stand has been a very familiar site on the factory floor—before it was cool. Now that sit-to-stand has gone mainstream, it’s easier than ever to outfit a workspace with multi-functional  workstations such as monitor arms, raised keyboard trays and elevated desktop platforms or desks, themselves. ROSI has so many options that it can get confusing, but we’re here to find the right solution for your work environment.

Communication is key in any workplace, however, in one as dynamic as manufacturing, the tools to meet, discuss and plan on the fly are imperative. That’s why glass boards, dry erase boards, markers, and comfortable collaborative seating need to be readily available throughout your facility. Imagine a million-dollar idea disappearing simply because there was nowhere to discuss?

Work mobility also plays a critical role in manufacturing, which is why it’s so important to design your data cabling plan to meet the every-changing cabling demands of phones, desktop computers, laptops, audio, visual and hand-held devices. Charging stations are no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity throughout your manufacturing facility as are wireless networks.

ROSI works with many manufacturers to provide exceptional, durable and highly functional complete office solutions for the manufacturing facility office environment. We’ll design the perfect layout for your meeting spaces, offices, cubicles and workstations using 2D and 3D renderings to show you the most efficient and productive use of your office space.

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