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Movable Walls Make Reconfiguring Your Office in Austin, TX, Easier and More Cost Effective

Movable Walls Austin TXMore and more companies in Austin, Texas, are choosing to have moveable walls installed in their offices, and for good reason. These walls are demountable and 100 percent recyclable, which means they can be detached and used to reconfigure an office space as many times as needed. For dynamic, growing businesses, this provides much-needed flexibility and cost savings. At ROSI Office Systems Inc., we provide top-quality movable walls that provide the best value for our clients’ investments.

Movable Walls Versus Drywall

When compared to drywall, demountable walls are nearly always superior. Our products require no timely and messy construction, and you won’t need to pay for new materials when you’d like to rearrange a space. They also offer cost savings in the form of tax advantages and credit toward LEED certification.

Best of all, the advantages of movable walls come without downsides. For example, our walls offer the same soundproofing as drywall. And, there are a variety of customization options that you can choose from. To create a modern, light-saturated space, choose our glass partitions. Or you can select from vinyl or fabric coating in a variety of colors. We even offer practical writable surfaces that are excellent for meeting rooms.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of having movable walls installed in your office in Austin, TX, contact ROSI Office Systems Inc. today.

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