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Collaborative Office Interiors Houston

Collaborative office desks, workstations, benching, or open office; however you say it, it’s the latest trend in office workstation design. Employers are looking for innovative ways to save money and give their employees different ways to do their work. Today, variety in work spaces is key to productivity. Employees want a space to collaborate, but they also want flexible spaces to do other kinds of work such as quiet nooks and both large and small meeting spaces. For more information on the best design for your office, ROSI workspace consultants are on hand to provide FREE 2D and 3D renderings so you’ll see your office layout before you buy. 

The benefits of collaborative office desks include:

  • Smaller workspace footprint 
  • Integrated cable management
  • Stylish profile for visual appeal
  • Creates an ideal setting for multiple managers or executives
  • Perfect setting for mobile visiting employees


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Collaborative Office Desks and Cubicles


Collaborative office desks are similar to singular office desks but are typically a system of desks arranged in a multitude of configurations with or without low privacy panels. They tend to include desk attributes such as affixed storage and cabinets. They are grouped in such a way as to create a work pod for employees to work together in a social way that encourages the sharing of ideas to easily work jointly with one another. They are made out of quality materials such as laminate or veneer and are found throughout offices that value style and flexibility. These collaborative office desks are ideal for executives or managers. 


Collaborative office desks can be customized to suit any office need and are seen frequently in banks and other financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms and others. Although there are styles available for any budget, they are seen as a more dressed-up version of the bench desking. 


Cubicles are low or high-walled connected work pods covered in fabrics for noise-reduction. They come in 4-packs up to 8-packs and  provide smaller workspaces for the general workforce. Cubicles are ideal for work that requires more concentration and privacy, however, they are not soundproof.

Providing a mix of workspaces for your employees and the task before them is essential. Before you buy, contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to get started on your complimentary space plan.

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