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Modern Office Desks

You’ve landed here because you want a modern office desk for yourself or someone in your office. The modern office desk is clean and simple in style and conveys an attitude of confidence and artistic elegance. Take a look at some of the modern office desks available at ROSI Office Systems. We’ll help you with one desk or one hundred. Our workspace consultants will provide a FREE space plan to be sure you’re utilizing all your office space efficiently and effectively.

Modern Office Desk Idea Gallery


Modern office desks have been around since the late 19th century and continues to be the antithesis of heavy and ornate traditional furniture. Modern office furniture is an ever-changing style that takes what is currently popular at the moment. Contemporary modern reflects a simplistic design style which emphasizes line and the use of both the furniture and the space it occupies as part of the overall design scheme. Modern office desks are sleek, stylish and will blend into several office designs such as modern, contemporary and eclectic.

Many executives are drawn to the modern office desk due to the clean aesthetic with beautiful woods, metals and glass used in the creation of the modern office desk. Unlike traditional office desks, modern office desks’ wood is not embellished but rather the focus is on the wood grain and smooth lines.ROSI Office Systems workspace consultants often recommend combining a modern office desk with some transitional or traditional pieces in order to soften the overall look of the office space. Many company interiors are blended styles in order to promote the company’s culture and personality through their office furniture and design style.

ROSI has several modern office desk selections from top vendors such as Global, Cherryman, Offices To Go, Indiana Furniture, Mayline and many more. The most popular modern style office desks come from Global in their Zira collection. Stop by our showroom or contact us. We’ll show you some exceptionally styled modern office desks to add to your workspace.

What’s the difference between Veneer and Laminate.

Veneer office desks offer a look elegance and success. The desk is constructed of a core that is more resistant to moisture and warping than solid wood construction, and has thin strips of real wood adhered to the outside which is stained to produce a warm, rich finish.

  • Looks like solid wood, but is more affordable and durable
  • More expensive than laminate
  • Real wood surface is more delicate than laminate and can scratch

Laminate modern office desks are known for its durability and high value for the price. Laminate is made of printed sheets, often a wood grain design, adhered to a durable core. The surfaces resist scratches and stains, making them ideal for high traffic offices of managers, supervisors, and support staff.

  • High-value price point compared to veneer
  • Maintenance free
  • Very durable



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