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NeoCon: Office Design Trends Explored

NeoCon may sound like the latest sci-fi movie title, but it’s far better than that for the commercial design industry. Since 1969 NeoCon has been putting the spotlight on the latest innovative products for business design. It’s the most attended trade show in this field, gathering workplace experts from around the world. This year, it takes place Read More

Office Tech Helps You Make The Most of Your Ergonomic Workstation

What is the purpose having an adjustable workstation if you find yourself never changing positions throughout the day? If you’re guilty of not utilizing your ergonomic equipment to its fullest potential, there’s a new solution that can help. Humanscale’s OfficeIQ synchronizes with your adjustable workstation and keeps you on track throughout your day. Customize Your Day Research Read More

How Millennials Are Really Shaping Office Culture

Millennials are the fastest growing population of the workforce, and their unique worldview really impacts office culture. Many of these changes are positive, so why do they get a bad rep? Misunderstood There’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding millennials. In fact, people tend to form extremely strong opinions about this group, more so than any other employee Read More

Foods That Boost Productivity

Diet plays an important role in overall health, but especially brain health. Eating well can boost not only your mood, but also your productivity at work. If you’re looking for some healthy brain food to bring to the office, look no further! Berries It’s getting to be that time of year where fresh berries are delicious, Read More

Biophilic Office Spaces: Workplace Garden

The benefits of biophilic office design are well proven – it reduces stress and improves job performance. If you already work in a great green space, here’s a little something to take it to the next level. Gardening. Yes, gardening at the office! Believe it or not, it’s a new trend that’s really catching on Read More

New Office Design Trends Speak To Introverts

Many companies are moving away from the open office in favor of more balanced design. This switch appeals to a wide range people, including the more introverted employees. In fact, there are several new trends that really speak to this crowd. Private Quiet Rooms In addition to offering mixed work spaces with various levels of privacy, Read More

More Exercises To Maintain An Active Office

You can never have too many options for exercises at work. These exercises are quick to do, require no equipment, and help you maintain an active office! Chair Tricep Dips Tricep dips are a great upper body exercise. There are many ways to do them, but try this easy office version on your next break. Using Read More

Back To Basics: Foundations of A Good Office Culture

When it comes to developing a positive office culture, sometimes it’s best to get back to basics. Fancy toys like ping pong tables or coffee machines won’t make up for missing the mark on the foundations. Hire The Right Staff A company is only as good as its staff, so choose wisely. A cohesive, effective Read More

Active Office Product You Need: Bike Desk

Just when I thought active office furniture couldn’t possibly get more innovative – it does! By now you may have heard of the wildly popular treadmill (or walking) desk. But have you ever heard of a bike desk? What Is A Bike Desk? Simply put, a bike desk is a combination of a stationary bike and desk. Read More

Office Rituals – Good or Bad for Office Culture?

Rituals bind people together and have been around since the beginning of human development. So, it only makes sense that they arise somewhat naturally in an office environment as well. Company rituals have pros and cons – let’s take a look at how they affect office culture. Pros Workplace rituals have a huge impact on Read More

Why HR Should Care About Office Furniture

Technically speaking, Human Resources is the department that focuses on people at work. But studies show they should also take an interest in the office furniture. Here’s why: First Impressions Make A Difference Would you believe that over half- 53%- of job seekers would turn down a job if they didn’t like the look of the office? Read More

Is Your Office Culture Too Chatty?

Are you and your coworkers obsessed with chat room technology? How do you know if your office culture is becoming too chatty? Messaging apps are hugely popular among companies that place a high priority on good communication. However, it’s easy to misuse this technology and damage your productivity. It could even jeopardize your relationships with Read More

Office Design for Working Moms

We’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day, so it’s a great time to talk about how office design impacts working moms. Studies show that creating “mom-friendly” spaces is beneficial to both employees and the company. Take into consideration the unique needs of working moms, and you’ll be able to retain these highly valuable employees. Mother’s Oasis A true Read More

Benefits of Ergonomic Leaning Stools for Active Sitting

There are so many ergonomic options now for minimizing the damage of static sitting at work. Standing desks, walking desks, and more! But what about the new leaning stools? Focal Upright’s new line features a unique product to revolutionize the way you work – the Mobis active seat leaning stool. The Difference Between Leaning and Sitting Read More

Sensory Approach To Office Design

To crack the code on good office design, you really need to consider the whole picture of the work space. It’s about the combination of elements like environment, furniture, and layout. Research shows that all five senses play an important role in how employees respond to office design. It’s important to think about this when Read More

Active Office: Simple Ways to Burn Calories All Day

It’s easier than you think to get your workout in during your 9-5. It’s the ultimate exercise in multitasking! Here are some ways for your active office to burn some major calories throughout the day. Go Marching Next time you’re on a marathon conference call, try standing during some or all of it. You can Read More

Personalize Your Desk With These Office Crafts

Research shows that being able to personalize your desk at work has psychological benefits. Put your own touch on the space than with some office crafts! Adding these items can even offset some of the negative aspects of an open office, like lack of privacy. Fake Some Greenery If you struggle with a green thumb Read More

Why You Should Have A Fun Office Culture!

Does anyone really need a reason to have fun? Well, maybe at work. But, a fun office culture actually plays a huge role in everything from productivity to sales. There’s a lot of science around productivity at work. We talk about things like how to beat procrastination and how taking breaks can actually keep you focused. Read More

Mobility vs. Activity At The Office

Active offices and related ergonomic products are certainly trending these days. But the larger issue might be your mobility, rather than your activity level. Mobility refers to how functionally we move (or, how we don’t), and plays a huge roll in long term health. Sitting Is The New Smoking This is probably not the first time Read More

Job Hunting? How To Observe The Office Culture

Going on a job interview? Learn how to suss out the office culture just by observing your surroundings. Are the employees happy? What does the office design say about the company? Job seekers are often so focused on the interview process that they miss out on key observations about the office. There are a few giveaways Read More

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