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Top Office Plants To Increase Mood and Productivity

Best Office Plants For Productivity

Studies show that having plants at the office increases mood and productivity. Why not add a few green things to your space? Here are some suggestions for easy to care for plants that will purify your office as well! Spider Plants If you don’t have a lot of light or windows in your office, this Read More

5 Ways To Encourage Wellness At Work

Employee Wellness At Work

Study after study shows that employee wellness affects everything from productivity to retention rate. What it comes down to is this: if you aren’t encouraging your employees to be healthy, you’re not maximizing your company’s potential. Here are some quick ways to promote wellness at work. Exercise There are a lot of resources out there Read More

Top Office Organization Products You Need This Spring

Office Organization

‘Tis the season for Spring cleaning, but how do you make that hard work last? Office organization products can help you keep your fresh new space looking clean for the rest of the year! Desk File System If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to stack things. One stack on the desk looks Read More

5 More Exercises To Do At The Office

Exercise At Work

It’s time again for another edition of desk exercise, or “deskercise!” It’s never to late to add more movement to your work day. Shoulder Blade Exercise This is a great one to help with hunched over posture. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated, trust me. Stand up from your desk and pretend you are squeezing Read More

Struggling With Procrastination? Here’s How To Tackle It.

Procrastination At The Office

We all struggle sometimes with procrastination, but it can be a huge roadblock to getting things done at work. If you find yourself leaving certain tasks until the last minute, take a look at these helpful tips. You’re Not Alone First, it’s important to recognize that our brains are programmed to procrastinate. Yes, it’s true! Read More

The Real Secret To Keeping Millennial Employees

Mentoring A Millennial

What’s the trick to keeping those millennial employees around? If it seems like every 1-3 years they leave a job, that’s because 42% of them do. They leave for a variety of reasons, but it’s probably not because you don’t have a game room or smoothie bar. The Root Of The Problem Millennials have a Read More

Habits Of Companies With A Happy Office Culture

Happy Office Culture

Developing a happy office culture can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, does anyone really like their job or place of work? It turns out, the answer is YES! Here are the ways some companies are keeping their employees happy and reaping the benefits. Identify What You’re Doing Right Gather your top performers and Read More

Bridging The Gap: Office Design Across Generations

Office Design Across Generations

Generational stereotypes can make today’s workplace seem more like a war zone than a collaborative space. Can a good office design bridge the gap? Take Inventory What do your employees actually want? Don’t get caught up in trends without doing a little digging into the real needs of your company. Are your employees looking for inspiration? New technology? Read More

The True Cost Of Non-Ergonomic Office Chair

Replace Bad Office Chairs with Ergonomic Chairs

Aside from being uncomfortable during your 8+ hour work day, a bad office chair can actually cost you time and money. “Ergonomic” isn’t just a trendy buzz word. It actually affects your bottom line. The True Cost According to a recent study, annual losses of over $81 billion dollars are being reported just due to pain. Read More

Annoying Office Habits You Need To Break

Bad Habits Affecting Office Culture

If you haven’t participated in some of these office habits, you’ve surely witnessed them. Here’s why annoying habits are dragging down your office culture. Personal Phone Calls Not only can a personal phone call create a lot of unnecessary noise, it’s basically like wearing a sign saying you’re not working. Of course, every once in Read More

Office Habits That Kill Creativity

Bad Office Habits that Kill Creativity

Everyone wants to come up with the next greatest idea, app, or solution that puts them on the map at work. But these bad office habits could wreak havoc on that creative spark. Too Much Logic Are you the type of person that comes up with a concept and then immediately says, “That won’t work!” Try Read More

Office Design For Introverts and Extroverts

Office Design For Introverts and Extroverts

Both introverts and extroverts are important contributors to any business. They have strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other, but they work in different ways. How do you approach office design that works for both? Introverts Introverts tend to prefer to work independently. That does’t mean they’re not team players, it’s just that they can be most Read More

Using Neuroscience Can Increase Office Productivity

Neuroscience and Office Productivity

There are many ways to increase office productivity by enhancing the work environment. Aside from an employee’s individual capacity to focus, brainstorm, and learn, studies show that outside factors really do affect the brain – sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. Sense of Smell The smell of stinky food in the nearby trashcan is a sure-fire way to Read More

Ergonomic Benefits Of Using A Foot Rest At The Office

Humanscale Foot Machine FM500 Ergonomic FootRest

I’ve spent a number of years in an office environment, and I’ve rarely see footrests in use. However, these have amazing ergonomic benefits most people aren’t aware of. It may not be the first accessory you think about when decking out your office, but here’s why you should consider one (and not just because you’re short). Read More

The Evolution of Office Design

Hybrid or Fully Mobile Office Design

If you’ve ever watched the show, Mad Men, you understand just how much the American office has changed. Office design evolves as needs change, and we are right on the brink of yet another shift. Let’s take a look at some different office layouts over the years. Cellular Space These are spaces with walled offices or Read More

How Do You Know When It’s Time For An Office Redesign?

Time For An Office Redesign

The prospect of an office redesign can seem overwhelming – it will cost time and money. But take a look at your business and how it’s performing. Could it be time to make some changes? How do you know? New Business Has Stalled If you’ve noticed your business isn’t growing as it has in the Read More

5 More Office Workouts To Do This Week

Office Workouts - Desk squat

We’ve talked about easy ways to get some exercise right at your desk before. Add these 5 office workouts to your regimen to boost your results even more! The Wait For It Calf Raise Next time you’re waiting by the printer or copy machine, work in a set of calf raises. Stand with feet shoulder width Read More

Art Positively Impacts Office Productivity

Inspirational Art Increases Office Productivity

Believe it or not, artwork plays an important role in office productivity. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about good office design, but it’s worth taking into consideration. In fact, according to a recent study, a staggering 74% of professionals say they like office art because it inspires them. Read More

Hack Your Office For More Energy Efficiency

LED Bulbs For Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days, as companies do more to limit their impact on the environment and stretch their budgets farther. Here are simple some tips to make your office more energy efficient. Do An Inspection You can start with a visual inspection of windows and doors to check for gaps. This Read More

Active Office Products You Need in 2017

Active Office Furniture

We have talked and talked about the benefits of an active office. The research simply doesn’t lie – you have to get up and move during your workday! Taking a walk at lunch or using the stairs are great ways to be more active at work. But you may not always have time during the day Read More

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