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Ergonomic Benefits Of Using A Foot Rest At The Office

Humanscale Foot Machine FM500 Ergonomic FootRest

I’ve spent a number of years in an office environment, and I’ve rarely see footrests in use. However, these have amazing ergonomic benefits most people aren’t aware of. It may not be the first accessory you think about when decking out your office, but here’s why you should consider one (and not just because you’re short). Read More

The Evolution of Office Design

Hybrid or Fully Mobile Office Design

If you’ve ever watched the show, Mad Men, you understand just how much the American office has changed. Office design evolves as needs change, and we are right on the brink of yet another shift. Let’s take a look at some different office layouts over the years. Cellular Space These are spaces with walled offices or Read More

How Do You Know When It’s Time For An Office Redesign?

Time For An Office Redesign

The prospect of an office redesign can seem overwhelming – it will cost time and money. But take a look at your business and how it’s performing. Could it be time to make some changes? How do you know? New Business Has Stalled If you’ve noticed your business isn’t growing as it has in the Read More

5 More Office Workouts To Do This Week

Office Workouts - Desk squat

We’ve talked about easy ways to get some exercise right at your desk before. Add these 5 office workouts to your regimen to boost your results even more! The Wait For It Calf Raise Next time you’re waiting by the printer or copy machine, work in a set of calf raises. Stand with feet shoulder width Read More

Art Positively Impacts Office Productivity

Inspirational Art Increases Office Productivity

Believe it or not, artwork plays an important role in office productivity. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about good office design, but it’s worth taking into consideration. In fact, according to a recent study, a staggering 74% of professionals say they like office art because it inspires them. Read More

Hack Your Office For More Energy Efficiency

LED Bulbs For Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days, as companies do more to limit their impact on the environment and stretch their budgets farther. Here are simple some tips to make your office more energy efficient. Do An Inspection You can start with a visual inspection of windows and doors to check for gaps. This Read More

Active Office Products You Need in 2017

Active Office Furniture

We have talked and talked about the benefits of an active office. The research simply doesn’t lie – you have to get up and move during your workday! Taking a walk at lunch or using the stairs are great ways to be more active at work. But you may not always have time during the day Read More

Does Your Workplace Have A Morale Problem?

Low Employee Morale

Even the most mindful of managers can deal with the occasional morale problem at the office. Low morale can quickly affect workplace dynamics and negatively impact your bottom line. But, how do you know if you have a problem? What actions can you take to increase morale? Hint: It’s not just about money. Warning Signs Read More

Good Office Design Engages Your Employees

Office Design Impacts Employee Engagement

Good office design isn’t just pleasing to the eye. It is essential to keeping employees happy and productive. Employees who feel engaged in their workplace perform better and stick around longer. But, how exactly does office design impact employee engagement? Communication Connection is the root of human relationships, and it also plays a critical role Read More

Spring Cleaning At The Office

Spring cleaning at the office

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home. Maybe your office or desk could use a little sprucing up! Tackle a few things in your own space, or grab a few of your coworkers and de-clutter a community area. De-Clutter Your Desk If your desk is covered in a mountain of papers, it’s time to get Read More

Ergonomic Design and Sleek Style Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Via Seating Sweet Spot - Ergonomic Office Chairs

When it comes to ergonomics at the office, design has come a long way! Now many companies offer stylish choices that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. The humble office chair is probably the most common furniture item at your workplace. Though simple in theory, an office chair actually needs quite a bit Read More

Helpful Hints for Meeting Productivity

Meetings To Increase Office Productivity

The dreaded office meeting – it always seems to cut into your day a little more than you’d like. Isn’t it supposed to increase office productivity? It seems like a great concept to collect minds and share ideas. So why do so many of us leave a company meeting feeling like it was a waste of time? Read More

Office Productivity Tips From The Pros

Office Productivity

Office productivity is one of those topics we could talk about for days. Everyone wants to be more efficient and waste less time at work. What’s the secret? While there’s no magic fix, there are some simple changes you can make to be more productive during the day. Tackle Your Voicemails For some people, returning Read More

Employee Wellness Programs More Important Than Ever

Employee Wellness Program

Americans are working longer and longer hours, and our health is paying the price. Employee wellness has never been more important. Though people are becoming more health conscious, it’s hard to make time for exercise and eating right during a 60 hour+ work week.   What Are Employee Wellness Programs? Simply put, this is any Read More

Are You Killing Your Office Productivity With Your Diet?

Healthy Breakfast For Office Productivity

Did you know that what you eat at work could affect your office productivity? Food is fuel for our bodies (including the brain), and eating well at work will lead to a more productive day. Start with Breakfast Eat properly in the morning to set yourself up for success. Most people choose to skip breakfast or Read More

Lounges At Work Are The New Office Trend

Lounge Office Trend

More and more, companies are recognizing the need to provide some space at the office to “blow off steam.” The newest office trend is the swanky lounge/kitchen. These areas often include games or activities, comfortable furniture, and of course – snacks! Why The Lounge Is Trending Recent research is clear – you need to take breaks Read More

The Office Dog – Pros and Cons

Business dog using his computer in the office

Have you ever worked for a company with an office dog? As a dog owner myself, I can’t help but think of how fun it would be to have a dog around at work. But, it may not be a good idea for all office environments. Benefits of an Office Dog We know dogs have a Read More

Stretch at Work for a Healthy Lifestyle

Young businesswoman is starting to work in the morning.

We’ve all heard it, “Sitting is the new smoking.” So, are you breaking up your 8-10 hour workday to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Maybe “deskercise” isn’t your thing, but stretching is for everyone! It will make such a difference in how you feel. Stretching For a Healthy Lifestyle What are the benefits of stretching? Stretching Read More

Millennials In The Workforce Explained

Team of young casual business people collaborating on an online project using a digital touchpad tablet computer in a bright modern office space. Serie with light flares

If you work with millennials or identify as one, this article is for you. It’s a shame that they have acquired a bad reputation over the years. They’re called lazy and entitled- how awful! The truth is that this generation sees the work place a little bit differently, and that adds value to your business. Millennials Are Here To Read More

Office Lifestyle: Handling Conflicting Politics

Office Conflict

Election season may be over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that workplace political discussions will follow. You may have a divided office. Some employees are happy about the results and some are not. Talking politics at the office is a tricky subject and can lead to heated discussions. How do you keep your office lifestyle free Read More

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