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Active Office Furniture Round Up: Sit-to Stand Workstations

We know it’s important to move during the workday, which is why active office furniture is such a great addition to your space! If you’re in the market for a workstation that will help you get out of that desk chair, look no further. We are rounding up some of the latest and greatest sit-to-stand Read More

How Your Office Culture Can Help You Keep Your Top Performers

What do you really need to offer your employees to keep them around long term? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Office culture is a big reason people stay – and leave – a workplace. Here’s how to make yours irreplaceable. Purpose People want to feel like what they are doing serves a purpose. Read More

Biophilic Office: Herbs You Can Grow At Your Desk

We’re right in the heart of summer, which means it’s peak season for all of those fresh vegetables and herbs. There are so many benefits to having a biophilic office, so why not do a little bit of gardening yourself? Believe it or not there are herbs that grow well indoors! Rosemary Versatile and hardy, Read More

Top Ways To Support Employee Wellness

A recent study discovered that most office employees are less active than a typical retiree! How can that be possible? Well, 40+ hours a week at a desk is a great way to start down that path. Companies are learning they need to do more to support employee wellness. FitBit Challenge This is one of Read More

Ultimate Flexibility In Office Design: Movable Walls

There’s a huge focus this year on versatility in office design. The trend is balance, which is great in life and at the office. Ideally, we have a little privacy, a little collaboration, and the ability to move seamlessly back and forth between the two. Space Within A Space You can’t control all aspects of Read More

Developing a Feedback Based Office Culture

It seems as though you’re asked for feedback in almost every area of your life. You get surveys at the end of your shopping receipt and comment cards at restaurants and hotels. Even the apps on your phone ask for ratings. But, how often are you asked for feedback at your job? How often are Read More

Top Ways to Reduce Office Stress

Studies show that 40% of employees experience anxiety about work outside of the workplace. That’s an alarming amount of office stress being taken home! The negative impacts of stress are well documented, affecting everything from job performance to health to relationships. Be Proactive Sometimes the source of stress can be that you don’t feel like Read More

Versatile Office Design: KI’s MyPlace Lounge Collection

Taking on a new office design renovation can feel overwhelming. It’s an investment of time and money, so you want to make the best decision for your space. Versatile, mix and match furniture adapts to a variety of settings and makes a smart choice for any office. That’s why we love the MyPlace Lounge Collection Read More

Increase Productivity By Making Friends At Work

Think friendliness at the office is a distraction or a waste of time? Think again! Studies show that friendships at work actually increase productivity! Workplace friendships impact employees on many levels, so fostering a team atmosphere benefits everyone involved. It’s a natural tendency to find connection with those whom you spend a lot of time Read More

Office Design Of The Future

It seems we are always looking ahead to the next design trends in office design- and for good reason. The workplace is constantly changing. Different needs arise and research sheds light on controversial topics. Plus, we are always striving for an improvement in quality of life during those 40+ hours a week you spend at Read More

Best Office Stretches To Maintain Health

Research has shown time and time again that we have to get up and move during the workday. Perform these stretches every hour to loosen up stiff muscles from working at a desk. Plus, the mental break with rejuvenate your focus and ability to get back to the task at hand. Lateral Head Tilt The Read More

How Green Design Really Pays Off

Not only does green design help the environment, it also pays off in big ways for companies and their employees. It aids in attracting and keeping top talent as well as increases productivity. Taking time to explore some green design options for your space is definitely worth it. Productivity Looking for office spaces with a Read More

NeoCon 2017 Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap on NeoCon2017! Every year the products get more exciting as top commercial designers strive to meet the needs of an ever changing market. This year was no different. Let’s take a look at some of our vendors and their innovative products – many of which won awards! Clarus Glassboards Clarus put on Read More

NeoCon 2017 – The Year of the Millennial

This year, one of the most notable themes at NeoCon was a focus on blending home and office in an effort to attract and keep top talent. Lounging furniture, coffee tables, and rocking chairs all bring an element of comfort to today’s workplace. These were among some of the top products showcased at The Mart Read More

NeoCon: Office Design Trends Explored

NeoCon may sound like the latest sci-fi movie title, but it’s far better than that for the commercial design industry. Since 1969 NeoCon has been putting the spotlight on the latest innovative products for business design. It’s the most attended trade show in this field, gathering workplace experts from around the world. This year, it takes place Read More

Office Tech Helps You Make The Most of Your Ergonomic Workstation

What is the purpose having an adjustable workstation if you find yourself never changing positions throughout the day? If you’re guilty of not utilizing your ergonomic equipment to its fullest potential, there’s a new solution that can help. Humanscale’s OfficeIQ synchronizes with your adjustable workstation and keeps you on track throughout your day. Customize Your Day Research Read More

How Millennials Are Really Shaping Office Culture

Millennials are the fastest growing population of the workforce, and their unique worldview really impacts office culture. Many of these changes are positive, so why do they get a bad rep? Misunderstood There’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding millennials. In fact, people tend to form extremely strong opinions about this group, more so than any other employee Read More

Foods That Boost Productivity

Diet plays an important role in overall health, but especially brain health. Eating well can boost not only your mood, but also your productivity at work. If you’re looking for some healthy brain food to bring to the office, look no further! Berries It’s getting to be that time of year where fresh berries are delicious, Read More

Biophilic Office Spaces: Workplace Garden

The benefits of biophilic office design are well proven – it reduces stress and improves job performance. If you already work in a great green space, here’s a little something to take it to the next level. Gardening. Yes, gardening at the office! Believe it or not, it’s a new trend that’s really catching on Read More

New Office Design Trends Speak To Introverts

Many companies are moving away from the open office in favor of more balanced design. This switch appeals to a wide range people, including the more introverted employees. In fact, there are several new trends that really speak to this crowd. Private Quiet Rooms In addition to offering mixed work spaces with various levels of privacy, Read More

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