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10 Easy Ways To Make It Earth Day, Every Day In The Office


10 Easy Ways To Make It Earth Day, Every Day In The Office

10 Easy Ways To Make It Earth Day, Every Day In The Office

Earth Day. It’s the one day every year dedicated to Mother Earth. Although businesses should strive to remain eco-conscious every day of the year, this is the day we come together and realize we probably aren’t doing quite enough. As more and more businesses are making efforts to be greener, we can always do more.

Here are 10 ways to make it Earth Day, every day in the office.

  1. Encourage carpooling or take advantage of public transportation, or even better – ride your bike. Provide a place to lock bikes safely in the building.
  1. Allow employees to telecommute a few days a month. Working from home even one day a month spares the earth 1.5 billion pounds of greenhouse gases – the equivalent of taking 127,000 cars off the road for a year according to Global Workplace Analytics.
  1. Recycle. It’s the easiest way to make an impact environmentally. Place bins around the office to collect paper, cans and bottles.
  1. Get involved in environmentally responsible causes.  Allow employees to volunteer during work hours or sponsor a community event.
  1. Save energy by asking employees to unplug electronics when not in use as well as turning out lights to the restroom, break room or conference rooms.
  1. Promote the use of reusable items such as cups or glasses for water and coffee and reusable bags or containers. Provide these tchotchkes branded with your company logo.
  1. According to, businesses dispose of 21 millions of tons of paper each year. Help minimize the waste by only printing documents that you absolutely need.
  1. Download an Earth Day app for eco-friendly activities to keep you informed and motivated long after Earth Day is over. Check out this post from Mashable that will help you stay green all year long.
  1. Get some office plants. Plants help freshen the air quality and increase productivity. Here are the 5 best office plants that help clean the air and are most recommended for office use.
  1. Take the stairs. Save electricity by ditching the elevators in your building and taking the stairs instead. Not only will you be helping to conserve energy but you will also be getting in some valuable exercise!

Any steps your business can take to lower your environmental impact are steps in the right direction.  To get an idea of what your ecological footprint looks like, you can take a quiz by clicking here which will show you the impact you are having on the planet; the results may surprise you.






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