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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Boring Workspace More FUN


3 Easy Ways To Make Your Boring Workspace More FUN

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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Boring Workspace More FUN

Like fashion, office design is influenced by the latest and greatest of what everyone else is doing. Once upon a time, everyone worked inside this great new invention called the office cubicle. Then, it was fashionable to have a corner office. Now, the once boring workspace has evolved to incorporate flexibility and employee health as primary drivers for office design. Today’s productive workspace is no longer boring; it’s FUN!

What’s FUN, you ask? It’s easy. Here’s how to create a dynamic, inspiring and F.U.N. workspace for your employees!

F is for Furniture

The office furniture you select is they key to avoiding a boring workspace and increasing employee satisfaction. We aren’t talking about installing two story slides and filling the office with lounge furniture. While recliners and couches are great, they aren’t great for long hours of work. Provide employees a variety of office desks, tables with plug and play power in a more relaxed setting so that they can be productive no matter where they choose to work. Don’t skimp on the office chairs either. Ergonomic office chairs, like these from Humanscale, are so important to employee health. Give the employees the option to sit or stand. Standing desks have become very popular options for many workspaces.

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U is for Unclutter

It’s time to clean it up. A messy, boring workspace is distracting and quite the opposite of fun. It also hurts productivity. If your office area is surrounded by clutter, have your employees spend 15 minutes a day cleaning it up. Provide good storage solutions so employees have places to put all of their files.

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N is for Natural Light

Let the sun shine in! Filling as much natural light into a boring workspace will lift spirits, reduce anxiety and allow employees to focus. Arrange office desks near windows to get as much light as possible. If the office doesn’t have windows, there are ways to fake natural light. Or you can even encourage your employees to take a break outside to get a dose of Vitamin D. It’s proven to help motivate workers to do their best work. (And it helps them get a better night’s sleep, too).

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When people come to work, it shouldn’t be about waiting until the clock strikes five or working just to receive a check. Make your office design more fun and treat employees as if they are your biggest clients. With a less boring workspace, you’ll see more satisfied and productive workers.

When you are ready for an office makeover, give us a call. ROSI Office Systems can help you take your boring workspace and make it FUN again with a new design and updated office furniture in Houston.

ROSI offers free office space planning and design to all of our prospective customers. Our trained staff creates 2D and 3D drawings to maximize square footage and support business objectives. Our goal is to create incredible workspaces that boost productivity while upgrading the look of your office environment.







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