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How To Create Natural Light In A Windowless Workspace


How To Create Natural Light In A Windowless Workspace

How To Create Natural Light In A Windowless Workspace

I recently moved my office desk right in front of the windows and I love it. Many articles will site that doing this creates more distraction, but for me, it is energizing and inspiring. Especially on days where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Sure, when it’s a gray and rainy, I’d rather curl up on the couch under a blanket and catch up on my Netflix shows because a lack of sunlight makes me feel sluggish and unproductive. But I do my BEST work on the days when the sun is filling my workspace with light! Could it be science once again, proving that natural light in the office actually boosts health and thereby productivity? I think so!

This “theory” was actually highlighted in a study by Northwestern University, which found that office workers with more light exposure at the office had a better quality sleep, more energy and an improved quality of life compared to office workers with little available light. So, if that is the case then why do many workplaces stick their employees in a windowless workspace under fluorescent lighting every day? It’s no wonder most office employees complain of being tired and uninspired.

Ideally, the design of your workspace should include a plan for utilizing as much natural sunlight as possible. But if your office building doesn’t provide natural sunlight there are still some steps you can take to improve the aesthetics of your environment, even in a windowless workspace:

First, paint the room a light color (including the ceiling) such as white or pale yellow, which increases size and light. Add colorful elements, keeping the room lively and attractive. Avoid dark colors. Light colors make an area seem more spacious. Dark colors make a space smaller and more depressing.  You should also avoid dark colored office furniture which will make your space appear even darker than it is.

Then, add some plants to the office. Use a plant light to keep them growing since no natural light is available. Plants create an outdoor feeling.

Make sure to incorporate floor lamps into your office, which will provide extra lighting and gives the room more personality. Select adjustable lighting LED bulbs to create ambient light, which is far better than using the florescent overhead lighting which causes glare on your computer screen, increasing eye strain.

Lastly, you could even go so far as to buy a light box. Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the dark, winter months but you could be at risk of this disorder all year long thanks to your windowless workspace. Exposure to natural (or light box generated) light lifts a person’s mood, preventing depression.

No matter what your needs are for your next office design, do not underestimate the importance of lighting. Good lighting design will ensure a more productive workforce. Need help?  Contact ROSI Office Systems Inc. for a free consultation today! We can help you design a workspace that is a healthy and productive environment for all of your employees even in a windowless workspace!



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