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How To Select The Right Office Furniture Fabric For Your Business


How To Select The Right Office Furniture Fabric For Your Business

How To Select The Right Office Furniture Fabric For Your Business

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when selecting fabric for your office furniture. There are an infinite amount of options when it comes to color, texture and pattern. To make the process a little bit easier, ask yourself these questions to help guide you to the right office furniture in Houston fabric selection:

What kind of business environment?
The most important question to answer is in what environment will this furniture be used? It’s important to evaluate the utility and use a piece of furniture is going to have before choosing a fabric. Is it a standard office environment or will you require specialty furniture made specifically for Healthcare and Educational settings?  Depending on your environment, it may help to limit the number of fabric options. The specific location of the furniture in your building is another factor, as sunlight and artificial light can fade the color of fabric at different rates.

How will the furniture be used?
Next, determine just how the furniture will be used. Depending on where the furniture is used in your office can determine what level of fabric you want to use. If a chair is being used daily in an office cubicle, you want a sturdier fabric than one you would use on a conference chair that is only used occasionally. The same can be said about chairs in the break room – you want to select office furniture in this area that is stain resistant and easier to clean.

What is your existing office style?

It’s really important to make sure texture of your office furniture fabric also works with your existing office style. Here are four of the most popular textures available:

  • Wool:  Wool has a high abrasion resistance and is naturally breathable and flame-retardant. It also tends to be more budget friendly than leather chairs. On the downside, it is easier to stain and requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best.
  • Mesh: Mesh chairs provide the highest level of breathability and airflow to keep the body cool. Mesh also adapts to the body for a more personalized fit, is durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Vinyl: If cleanliness is paramount, wipe-able vinyl might be the right choice for you. Vinyl is great for areas where stains are more prevalent — from break rooms to examination rooms.
  • Leather: Inviting, durable and timeless, leather chairs speak of quality and class. A good quality leather covering will last a lifetime, and is the epitome of style for executive offices, conference rooms and reception areas.
  • Faux Leather: This fabric looks good, is durable and easy to care for, however can be less breathable than other fabrics. On the upside, faux leather gives the desired leather look without the price tag.

If you find the choices of fabrics are too overwhelming, then it may be time to consult with an office designer. Our ROSI Office Systems design experts will analyze your space and make recommendations on what textiles will work the best for your business. We will also evaluate your current and future office needs. Our goal is to create an interior that improves the office workflow, efficiency and amenities for your employees. Contact us for a free consultation, today!



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