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What Does Your Office Furniture Color and Décor Say About Your Business?

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What Does Your Office Furniture Color and Décor Say About Your Business?

Whether you are in the field of business, medicine, or education setting a good first impression is crucial if you want to succeed. Believe it or not, your office furniture in Houston and decor can have a large impact on how customers view your company. In order to create a successful atmosphere, you first have to choose the right color for your office furniture. You might think it odd but office furniture color plays an important part in portraying a good impression about your business.

The Importance of Color

The visual impact created by your office furniture color leaves a fixed impression on the mind. Today’s office furniture in Houston comes in different styles, materials and colors to suit your budget and imagination. Use this color guideline to help you decide what office furniture in Houston color best represents your office culture and how you can mix office décor to create maximum impact.

Dark Classic Colors

Cherry, Maple or Mahogany imparts traditional elegance to your office. It’s artistic, timeless and screams success. This style can last a very long time without looking outdated. The look can be very rich and dark, so make sure your office has access to a lot of natural light in order to pull off this look.

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Image: Global Furniture Group

Office Décor Suggestions: Use lighter colored textiles, like creams, greens or yellows. A nice complementary guest chair in a lighter hue would be a nice addition. Be sure you have adequate ambient and task lighting throughout to brighten the room.

Light Colors

Oak, Walnut, Gray can provide a more laid-back “homier” appearance. It may look more rustic or cabin-like. With this “at-home” tone, employees and guests may feel more welcomed into the room due to its warm, familiar vibe. These colors will also give you a soft, neutral shade that will look good when paired with just about any other color.

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Image: Global Furniture Group

Office Décor Suggestions: Having a more rustic appeal, there are several color choices that would look great in this environment. Choose deep gray, maize, blue, green, red, or orange. You want to keep the room accented with a warm color that is inviting and serene.

Contemporary Colors

Espresso and Mocha provide a more modern or contemporary sense of style. The deep brown coloration is often paired with shining metal hardware, lending striking contrast to the dark finish.

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Image: Global Furniture Group

Office Décor Suggestions: In order to get the most out of this richly colored furniture, be sure to combine it with lighter elements in your office.  Add light colored accent chairs and colorful wall art so that you don’t end up with an office set up that is too dark.

Color Help

When you’re looking for the ideal office furniture in Houston and texture color combinations, look no further than a standard color wheel. Colors that are opposite each other on the wheel offer the most contrast and are the perfect complements to each other. For instance, since cherry wood has a reddish tone, the color to look to across the wheel is green. Adding a light complementary green element to a cherry office will bring out the red in your office furniture.

You can turn to ROSI Office Systems for everything from filing cabinets and conference tables to ergonomic seating and new or remanufactured cubicles.  We have high quality office furniture in Houston available in a variety of colors and all at competitive prices. If you’d like more information about how we can make your business more successful contact us today for a free consultation.

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