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The 11 Most Dog Friendly Offices In The U.S.


The 11 Most Dog Friendly Offices In The U.S.

ROSI Office Systems

The 11 Most Dog Friendly Offices In The U.S.

Every year many employees look forward to the one-day a year where they can bring their best buddy into the office. No, I’m not talking about “take your kid to work”. I’m talking about take your DOG to work! But what if you didn’t have to wait for that one day? What if you actually worked in one of those dog friendly offices, where you wouldn’t have to leave your furry best friends at home? Instead, dogs can come into your office cubicle; nap at your feet and silently judge you while you work.

If you’re among the 65% of U.S. households with a pet at home, you know how miserable it can be to go to work each day and leave your best buddy behind.

A growing number of employers feel the exact same way. A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 8% of American workplaces allow employees to bring pets to work. The benefits go beyond having a much more adorable staff. Studies have found that allowing pets in the workplace can reduce stress and lead to happier work environments.

So, if you’re looking for new employment at a place that would accept both you and your pooch, here are 11 of the most dog friendly offices around the U.S. as written by

Ben & Jerry’s

ROSI Office Systems
Ben and Jerry’s: South Burlington, VT (Photo via: Ben & Jerry’s)

This ice cream behemoth boasts the enviable employee perk of three free pints of ice cream…per day! But staff members are equally sated by a pet-friendly office that welcomes their beloved dogs.

BISSEL Homecare, Inc. 

ROSI Office Systems
BISSELL Homecare, Inc: Grand Rapids, MI (Photo via: Bissell)

A love of pets is at the core of BISSELL. Their pet initiatives include everything from designing products specifically for pet clean-up (major points for less dog hair) to advocating for pet adoption and helping homeless animals through the BISSELL Pet Foundation. Employees benefit, too, with a dog-friendly office featuring the Bissell Pet Spot, an indoor dog spa with a play area and bathing stations.

ROSI Office Systems Seattle, WA (Photo via: Seattle Met)

Rover offices take dog-friendly to a whole new level. With complimentary dog treats, doggy raincoats (it is Seattle, after all), and great dog benefits including funds to adopt a dog and canine bereavement leave, Rover truly is a dog lover’s other best friend. Get in on the fun! Watch the Rover office dogs nap and play on the RoverCam.

Build-a-bear Workshop

ROSI Office Systems
Build-A-Bear Workshop: St. Louis, MO (Photo via: IMGUR)

It only seems right that this furry and fluffy company—one of FORTUNE 100 Best Companies To Work for seven years running—would have a dog-friendly workplace. Birthday “cele-bear-ations” feature tasty cakes for four-legged friends, and the company offers a special concierge service: Get your dog dropped off and picked up from their doggy day spa.

Clif Bar Company

ROSI Office Systems
CLIF Bar & Company: Emeryville, CA (Photo via: ROVER.COM)

A great workplace for outdoorsy dogs, CLIF Bar & Company practices what they preach. Dogs have access to a large off-leash area and a special pet insurance discount. Plus, employees get paid time off when they volunteer for animal-related causes.


ROSI Office Systems
Etsy: Brooklyn, NY (Photo via: The Etsy Blog)

An early adopter of the dog-friendly policy, craft marketplace Etsy believes this benefit helps foster a sense of community and connection among employees. Coupled with meal-sharing, volunteer opportunities, and employee bike rides, this dog-friendly office definitely makes our roundup.


ROSI Office Systems
Google: Mountain View, CA (Photo Via: MRLERONE VIA COMPFIGHT CC)

Known for its astounding employee perks (from on-site haircuts to free and fancy food), Google tops our list of the dog-friendliest workplaces. Their comprehensive dog policy lays out guidelines for pet parents, including being mindful of allergies and cleaning up after accidents. Employees count bringing their dog to work among their favorite Google perks—and at an office with a ball pit and complimentary massages, that’s really saying something.

Humane Society

ROSI Office Systems
Humane Society: Washington D.C. (Photo via: PINTEREST)

This dog-loving organization wrote the book on dog-friendly policies—literally. They published Dogs at Work: A Practical Guide to Creating Dog-Friendly Workplaces (Humane Society Press, 2009), “the definitive guide to creating a business environment where employees’ dogs are welcome.” Their own policy allows for reimbursement for pet care expenses incurred due to work-related travel, discounts on pet insurance, and more.


ROSI Office Systems
Mashable: New York, NY (Photo via: ROVER.COM)

This digital news outlet boasts 42 million monthly visitors (of the human variety), and an office amenable to furry friends, too.


ROSI Office Systems
Refinery: New York, NY (Photo via: ROVER.COM)

This lifestyle destination is committed to empowering puppy lovers. The dogs roaming their pet-friendly office help bring colleagues together and add even more cuteness to an already-fashionable bunch.


ROSI Office Systems
Trupanion: Seattle, WA (Photo via: TRUPANION)

It follows that a pet insurance company would offer terrific dog benefits. Employees get baby gates, pet insurance, full-time dog walking services, and pet bereavement leave—plus an official team overseeing their robust pet policy. Trupanion has an excellent resource center for other workplaces looking to go dog-friendly. Check out their Celebrating Dogs in the Workplace checklist and learn how to make your office a happy space for humans and dogs alike.

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