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4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Office Weight Gain


4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Office Weight Gain

4 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Office Weight Gain

There is something magical about the Holidays that make nearly every one of us indulge in the office sweet treats (my compulsion for sweets begins on Halloween). Maybe it’s because we only see these delectable goodies a few times a year or maybe we overeat due to the stress or the exuberance that the Holidays bring. Whatever the case may be, with a little willpower, cravings can be kept in check. Now is the time to turn your focus to maintaining a healthy body through the Holidays and beyond. It’s the best gift you can give yourself!

Here are 4 Tips to avoid the Holiday office weight gain:

Get an Accountability Coworker

The most important thing you can do to stay healthy during the Holiday, is to find someone else with the same goals. It’s very likely that there is someone going through the same daily struggles to avoid the Holiday treats in the break room. (When I worked at a corporation, my office cubicle team member and I would hold each other accountable). Find a friend that will challenge you to make better food choices and be more active. This common interest can act as a bonding agent between the two of you, and as an added benefit, you can gain a lifelong friend. Make sure that the two of you work as a support system to encourage each other to strive towards your individual goals.

Bring Healthy Snacks

If others are indulging on frosted gingerbread cookies, reach for an alternative snack. Bring your own healthy snacks so you have that option. However, the key word here is healthy. Once you’ve ingested a delicious crisp apple, the less likely that the craving of a sugary snack is as severe. It gives you the power to refuse calorie-laden treats. Add a snack drawer with healthy foods that you will actually like eating. Maybe include apples, bananas or even packages of nuts or granola bars. Try to cut back on processed foods. And other than to retrieve your lunch, stay clear of the break room!

Brush Your Teeth

After you finish each meal, snack, or that cup of morning coffee, hit the bathroom for some dental hygiene. Not only will brushing your teeth prevent cavities and bad breath, but your minty mouth will remind you that you already ate and aren’t really hungry for a handful of red and green M&M’s from the receptionist’s desk.

Move Your Body

Enjoy the fresh air and take a stroll over your lunch break (maybe ask your accountability coworker to go with you). Take the stairs on your way up and down. Set an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to get up and move – even if it is just to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom. Do a few exercises that you can easily do at your desk or office cubicle. Another way to ensure that you are up and about throughout the day is to consider adding a standing desk to your workspace. The goal is to be active while avoiding any ill effects of sitting too long at your desk (a.k.a. sitting disease).

Year after year, if you make a conscious effort, you can avoid the 10 pounds that most American’s put on at the Holidays. If you make smart choices and stay active at work, then chances are you can still enjoy a nice glass of Holiday cheer at home with an occasional indulgence of figgy pudding and the like.

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