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5 Easy Halloween Office Cubicle Decorations


5 Easy Halloween Office Cubicle Decorations

5 Easy Halloween Office Cubicle Decorations

Kids love Halloween! But who says adults can’t have a little bit of fun at Halloween, too? It’s the best time of the year! If you aren’t the kind of person that likes to dress up for Halloween, how about the next best thing – dressing up your office cubicle? If your office allows it, dressing up your cubicle is the perfect way to add a little spice to the workday and give your coworkers something to talk about. From spooky to under the sea – there are a ton of decorating options for your cubicle this year! Not the creative type? Not a problem. Here are 5 easy Halloween office cubicle decorations to inspire you.

Crime Scene

A classic. All you need is some crime scene tape and masking tape (for the body outline). If you want bonus points, add some “peel and stick” bloody handprints or sprinkle fingerprint dusting powder (baby powder) and other assorted “clues” to make the scene look legit.

Spider Web

Nothing beats the ease of picking up a $2 pack of polyester spider webs and weaving them around your cubicle. Throw in a few well-placed fake spiders and you have yourself a very spooky scene. Even better, it’s easy to remove from your cube when the Halloween fun is over.


A graveyard is a key symbol at Halloween. Assemble several gravestones intertwined with rubber rats and crows! If you want to dial up the spookiness, run a fog machine if your boss will allow it. You can also bring in a bag or bucket of dirt and hide it under your desk for that freshly dug grave scent.

Under the Sea

Perhaps scary is not your thing. You can easily wrap your office cube in whimsical blue cellophane, blow up a few blue and white sea-foam balloons and add a few cherished stuffed animal creatures from the sea and presto you’ve created your own cubicle oasis.


If you want to take it up a notch, try a dungeon themed cube featuring “brick” walls, shackles and chains, spider webs, creepy critters and more. Using a black light to produce an eerie glow is optimal, as is a soundtrack of moaning and clanking. Have fun with this and go all out – you just might win the office-wide cubicle-decorating contest!

Adding little touches of Halloween to your office cubicle increases the anticipation and excitement of the season. Decorating shows everyone you have a fun side! So, get into the spirit this year with one of these easy, creative Halloween cubicle décor ideas!

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