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Active Office Design - What Is It And Why Is It Important?


Active Office Design – What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Active Office Design – What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Have you heard of active office design? Active office design is just what it sounds like – it’s an office space that encourages employees to lead a healthier, active lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you have to install a workout facility on every floor, more simply, it means giving employees office furniture options to become more active while working. It’s the antidote to the ever-increasing problem of “sitting disease” and it’s the fastest growing category of workplace furnishings that you will see at the 2016 NeoCon fair in Chicago.

Most office workers spend a majority of the workday in seated postures. Sitting itself is not a harmful activity, but doing so for long durations without interruption can contribute to negative health implications. Finding the right balance between sitting and moving throughout the workday can yield productivity and wellness benefits. One way to provide opportunities for employees to add movement into their workday is to offer office furniture in Houston that allows them to be active without realizing it.  There are several companies that challenge the sedentary design of the traditional office chair and have designed incredible active alternatives but here are three such companies that are doing it exceptionally well.

Focal Upright

Focal Upright challenges you to ditch the office chair and try a new, more active and engaging posture. You can stand, lean, perch and move. Not only will you feel better in the office but you’ll feel better in life.  Their revolutionary line of furniture makes it easier than ever for employees to get up and get active in the office, without really trying. They offer adjustable standing desk seats, standing desks and standing height conference tables that keep your body moving so you can keep your work flowing.


Humanscale office IQ offers integrated activity measurements into task chars and sit to stand desks. It provides monitors and insight when users sit, stand or leave desks in order to promote more physical activity. The Office IQ line makes furniture work for employees and helps users make better health decisions throughout the work day.


InMovement aims to create an evolved workspace that supports simple movement to change people’s lives and create a stronger business. Their product line is designed to incorporate subtle movement into an employee’s work habits, like the InMovement TreadMill Desk and Elevate DeskTop Series of sit-to-stand desks. By blending healthy behavior with daily job function, InMovement removes barriers to workday movement to create a happier, healthier and more productive business.

Permitting, encouraging, and supporting movement has always been a part of active office design at ROSI Office Systems. We strive to provide seating that supports movement and healthy postures with collaboration products that encourage workers to change positions. Our designers can help your business integrate active office furniture into your office design that appeals to all work styles, work types, and ages. Contact us, today!


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