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Annoying Office Habits You Need To Break


Annoying Office Habits You Need To Break

Annoying Office Habits You Need To Break

If you haven’t participated in some of these office habits, you’ve surely witnessed them. Here’s why annoying habits are dragging down your office culture.

Personal Phone Calls

Not only can a personal phone call create a lot of unnecessary noise, it’s basically like wearing a sign saying you’re not working. Of course, every once in awhile, things happen that you need to take care of during the work day. If that’s the case, try making these calls on a break or at lunch – away from the work area. Minimizing distractions shows respect to your coworkers and that take your time at work seriously.

Strong Smells

This doesn’t mean you can’t bring a smelly lunch once in awhile, but be mindful of the people around you. Bad smells are extremely distracting, so keep this in mind when using the kitchen. Smelly food isn’t the only offender, this also goes for cologne and perfume. The sense of smell is very individual, and what may smell good to you may not to those around you. Plus, many people are allergic to certain scents. It should go without saying that personal hygiene should also be impeccable at work.

Touchy Feely

It’s easy to let the camaraderie between coworkers blur the lines between friendship and working relationships. It’s important to remember that not everyone likes to be hugged or touched – even if you think you’re close friends. It’s always best to refrain from touchy-feely affection at work. You don’t want to risk making someone else uncomfortable.


“Water-cooler” talk is entertaining, but you could be doing more damage than you think. Gossiping about a fellow coworker or boss is risky behavior. Firstly, it’s childish to talk behind someone’s back. But there could also be consequences if the subject of the gossip hears about it secondhand. It’s best to excuse yourself from discussions like these.

If you have a tendency to engage in any of these habits, think about how it affects those around you. Try to curb bad behavior at work. It’s distracting, divisive, and damaging to your office culture.

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