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Buzzispace New Acoustical Office Products


Buzzispace New Acoustical Office Products

Buzzispace New Acoustical Office Products

Buzzispace is known for their innovative acoustical office products that absorb sounds and make office environments quieter with panels, partitions, and office furniture, using their 100% recycled eco felt. Buzzispace brought whimsy along to Neocon 2015 and it was a hit with their Buzzifalls, acoustical panel cutouts in a variety of eight designs including a birch forest, alhambra, the Orient and more. The Buzzifalls design can create smaller, more intimate office space, and at the same time cut down on noise within an office space. In addition, Buzzicactus are fun, whimsical cactus shaped acoustical panels that are sure to brighten up your office space. Watch the video below for an interview by Seth at, as he talks with the CEO of Buzzispace, Tom Van Dessel, about these new office products.

The take-away from these whimsical yet practical acoustical office products is to bring some fun into the office. Too many office environments are staid, stale and boring, which does absolutely nothing to generate creativity and productivity. So, if you’re looking for an acoustical office product or privacy screen, think about Buzzispace.

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