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Utilizing Glass Walls in your Office Design


Utilizing Glass Walls in your Office Design

Utilizing Glass Walls in your Office Design

Would you like to give your workspace a fresh new look that makes it appear more open? Have you ever considered utilizing glass walls or partitions as a part of your office design?  If not, you should!

The primary benefit to installing glass walls and partitions (or even glass ceilings) is that they allow visibility throughout the office, while still maintaining privacy. If the glass runs from the floor to the ceiling, then privacy can be obtained by closing the door. But, visibility is still available through the glass, whether the office door is opened or closed.

When people can see other team members in the office, it builds a sense of unity and connection. Collaboration is easier because people are able to interact with their co-workers more frequently.

Another benefit of glass walls and partitions is that they allow natural light to move through the office. Tall cubicles tend to block the sunlight and make your workspace darker. A lack of sunlight can have a direct impact on a person’s happiness and satisfaction throughout the day, which means that glass walls or partitions can completely transform the office to help people stay happier when at work.

Beyond the physical beauty they are also incredibly resilient. Glass walls have a high resistance to scratching and can be at least as durable and probably more so, than any other kind of material used in office wall construction.

Glass can be both beautiful and heavy-duty.  Check out this video from  It features CARVART, one of the vendors at this year’s NeoCon 2015, discussing their hand-painted collection of sophisticated architectural glass.


CARVART won the Best of NeoCon Silver Award and was an HIP Honoree Award for their C1 Collection of etched architectural glass.

If you love this idea and need help with your next office design, ROSI Office Systems is here to help. We can create a beautiful office space incorporating glass design in all kinds of colors and patterns to complement your corporate style.  Contact us, today!

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