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Call Center Cubicles

Your Guide to Call Center Cubicles

Ranging from durability, design, warranty, space utilization and ergonomics, there are many things to consider when it comes to buying call center cubicles.  A call center space should be designed to last and needs to be ergonomically accommodating as well as warm and inviting.

Because call center agents rarely leave their desks and tackle a constant stream of emails and incoming phone calls, durability is the most important factor when purchasing a cubicle.  There is also the fact that most call centers have multiple shifts and are open 24/7; therefore the cubicles have an ongoing usage factor which enforces the need for durability.

Here are a few tips to help lengthen the usage of your call center cubicles:

You should always purchase furniture that includes a lifetime warranty.  If the company you purchase from offers an extended warranty then you are assured they stand behind their product.  One thing most people do not do, and should, is ask for customer testimonials; these will help you make the decision to purchase or to find another company.

Cubicles should meet ANSI/BIFMA Safety and Performance Standards.  Always check to make sure they meet these system requirements.

You have choices when it comes to the panel sections of the cubicle; they come in a wide variety of materials: laminate and melamine (easy to care for and stain resistant), and fabric panels.  Most of the time you will see fabric panels because they offer better acoustics and the ability to tack things up on the walls.  One thing to keep in mind is that a darker fabric will hold up longer than a color that is lighter.

It’s always wise to choose a cubicle system that allows you to replace the panels easily; that way if a panel is damaged it can easily be removed rather than replacing and entire cubicle.

The company you buy from should have the capability of providing space planning and design so that you can see a virtual walk-through of your cubicle space.  This helps save time and money when utilizing available space.

With all of the information available now about the dangers of sitting too long, it is vital that the company you purchase your cubicles from is knowledgeable about ergonomics and the role they play in company productivity.  Employee satisfaction, productivity, and comfort will assist you in retention and raise profits.

ROSI, Inc. has been offering high-quality low-cost cubicle sales and support since 1993.  If you are looking to purchase cubicles for your new or growing business, we offer a comprehensive selection of both new and remanufactured cubicles to ensure that you will get the system you need for your company that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost.  Ready to start? Click here.

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