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Ergonomic Benefits Of Using A Foot Rest At The Office


Ergonomic Benefits Of Using A Foot Rest At The Office

Ergonomic Benefits Of Using A Foot Rest At The Office

I’ve spent a number of years in an office environment, and I’ve rarely see footrests in use. However, these have amazing ergonomic benefits most people aren’t aware of. It may not be the first accessory you think about when decking out your office, but here’s why you should consider one (and not just because you’re short).

Take Care of Your Feet

Using a footrest keeps your feet in a relaxed, neutral position. This is especially beneficial to women who vary the size of the heel on their shoes (boots, high heels, flats).

Reduced Pressure On Your Legs

Even the most ergonomic of chairs can sometimes lead to that tingly/numb feeling in the back of your legs after awhile. Yes, we need to get up and move regularly while at work. But using a footrest when you are seated will reduce the pressure on your legs. You’ll be able to sit more comfortable with less fatigue. And in the case of a marathon conference call, your body will thank you.

Support Your Back

Less pressure on your legs means less stress on your back. Ergonomic footrests also encourage good posture, helping you sit all the way back in your chair and upright. Even if your feet touch the floor without one, using it makes it easier to achieve and maintain good posture. Studies show that sitting completely back in your chair can reduce the pressure on your spine by up to 40%.

Rock The Day Away

In between actually getting up from your desk and moving, you can get a little movement while sitting as well. Using a rocking footrest like this one from Humanscale encourages motion. Rocking increases bloodflow and has a relaxing effect on the body.

Humanscale Foot Machine FM300

It’s pretty clear that using a footrest can have a big positive impact on how you feel at the end of a work day. Consider investing in one as your next ergonomic accessory. They are comfortable and stylish enough to fit in with any decor!



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