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Everywhere You Look in Your Cubicle


Everywhere You Look in Your Cubicle

Everywhere You Look in Your Cubicle

Who is that standing behind you?  This factor among a few others is why a lot of people put mirrors in their cubicles:

Is someone watching you from behind while you work – perhaps your boss?  Odds are you do not face your cubicle entrance since most are not designed that way. There are places to hang mirrors in your cubicle, and the most common one is right behind or next to your PC monitor.  According to Feng Shui rules, placing a mirror in front of you when your back faces the cubicle entrance will allow energy to enter your cube. Mirrors also help to prevent the “sneak” attack from a friendly coworker as well as someone taking a peek at your work.

Have you ever had someone you work with stand at your cubicle entrance and marvel at your appearance?  Probably not because most cube dwellers go the whole day without ever looking at themselves.  Our eyes squint all day as we furrow our brows to look at the computer monitor and by the end of the day we’re a disheveled mess.  You can place a mirror on your cubicle wall or next to your PC monitor so you can see your face while working.  People have stated that it helps them relax their faces while working and has improved their overall appearance at work.

You can add a larger mirror to your cubicle wall which will give your cube that feeling of extra space.  Just like mirrors in an elevator, placing one in your cubicle will help reduce that claustrophobic feeling.  Another way to add more openness to your cube is to fill a divider section with a mirror.

Here are a few types of mirrors you can add to your cubicle:

Mirror modules – they actually replace a divider section in your cube.

mirror walls

Desktop mirrors – if your desk is not cluttered you can use one that stands up.

standing mirror

Mirrors that attach – these are the type that can be attached to your PC monitor – as you can see – you can really get creative with these.

rear view mirror

Mirrors that stick – these have double-sided tape that allow it to stick to your cubicle wall.

wall mirror

Mirrors that hang – these have all sorts of uses: hang it from a shelf or from the edge of your cubicle divider


The most popular mirror additions have been the divider sections.  You might have a hard time convincing your purchasing department to install one, but you can always purchase one yourself – they are easy to install, and most mirrors will be within your budget.

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