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How to Decorate a Manly Cubicle


How to Decorate a Manly Cubicle

How to Decorate a Manly Cubicle

So how do you decorate your cubicle and still maintain that “manly” executive appearance?  By making a statement about your own personality and making your cubicle comfortable.  Here are a few tips:
Black and blue in varying shades are considered man colors so these should form the base of your cubicle design.  Stay away from red or yellow as much as possible.
The presence of leather should be part of every “manly” cubicle.  Black leather planners, pen holders, desktop calendars are always a nice touch.  A nice steel ball point pen makes it a class act. A nice leather office chair adds a nice touch as well as comfort.
It’s okay to put up pictures of you and your girlfriend but putting up a picture of yourself might seem a little narcissistic – even if it’s the best picture you’ve ever taken!  Photos of your family are always nice as they portray you as a good family man.  Display the ones you are most proud of in your cubicle.
Avoid putting up too many pictures.  You simply want to give the visitor a small glimpse into your personal life and provide something to help motivate you when you’re having a bad day at work.  Even a single picture can do both, depending on what you find motivating.  Framing your photos in a leather frame adds a nice touch rather than pinning your photos to the cubicle wall.
Hand sanitizer, brushes, mouthwash, combs and other personal care items should always be tucked away from view.
If you are an unorganized person, purchasing a few office storage items – again, in leather – helps to keep pins, sticky pads, stapler and tape organized.  Walmart and Target offer a good variety at a reasonable price.
What should be on top of a man’s desk?  Think minimal: A desk calendar, a computer, a few books or binders that pertain to your work, a notebook, pen holder, a framed picture and a few office supplies within your reach.
Depending on your job description, displaying a few books about your line of work, motivational books or leadership books are always a plus. Hardcover books always trump paperback books.  These will help build your image as an intellectual person within the organization.  Make sure to choose your books wisely because “How to Control Stress” won’t go over as well within your workplace as a book entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking.”
Let’s talk screen savers and desktop backgrounds.  The image on your computer should be reflective of your personality and should never be considered unprofessional.
You should always keep these items tucked away:  personal care items, computer bags, ear buds, salt and pepper shakers, and confidential files.
Do not place too many funny quotes in your cubicle.  There is a fine line between being funny and making your manager or other fellow workers angry.
Sports – a man and his connection with sports is well known as being a stress buster, but having too many sports items or memorabilia in your cubicle isn’t wise.  There is no harm in showing off your favorite sports team but keep the majority of your baseballs and big “we’re #1” hands at home.
Your colleagues and your boss will be impressed that you’ve taken the time to decorate your cubicle and will certainly give them the impression that you care about your job in every detail.
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